Albany Patroons go 7-0 with overtime win!

Do whatever it takes to win.

Even if you’re down by double digits.

And that’s what happened with the Albany Patroons last night.  Despite a 6-0 undefeated run, the Pats started off their match against the Mesquite Desert Dogs with a deficit.  The Dogs had some early 3-pointers and took off with the lead.

But the Patroons bounced back, closed the gap, and thanks to some costly Mesquite fouls and turnovers, the Patroons clawed their way to a 115-115 tie – and then took the win 130-123.

And yeah … I moved around the game as well.

In addition to calling the broadcasts on the Patroons’ streaming internet service with my co-announcer John Longton of the Two Buttons Deep website, and singing the Star Spangled Banner a few times this year …

I went back to PA announcing duties for a few moments, as the Patroons’ regular announcer, Mike Falvro, had to finish up his duties as the announcer for the upcoming “Cage Wars” MMA tournament.  He announced the weigh-in, which ended with just enough time for him to burn rubber from Schenectady to Albany to get to the Armory…

While I took care of the player introductions for our team.

Here’s a link to me announcing the Patroons’ starting five.

At the rate things are going, next game I suit up as a shooting guard. 😀

Now for the game recap.

Although the Patroons were behind for most of the contest Friday night at the Armory, including a lead of as much as 20 points, the Pats whittled their deficit down to a 115-115 tie at the end of regulation – and then charged into a 130-123 overtime win over the Mesquite Desert Dogs.

Five Patroons scored 20 or more points on the night, including Steven Cunningham (22 points, 16 rebounds), Lloyd Johnson (26 points), Darius Paul (25 points, 10 rebounds), Edwin Ubiles (22 points), and 20 points off the bench for Josh Cameron.

“It’s the heart of a champion,” said Lloyd Johnson of the Patroons win.  “The bench guys came in and gave us a spark, we didn’t fold, and I couldn’t be more proud of this team.  Mesquite was a great team, take nothing away from their effort.”

In fact, Josh Cameron at one ponit went from the outhouse to the penthouse, when with seconds remaining and the Patroons and Desert Dogs tied, he wrapped his hands around Mesquite’s Jonathan Loyd, sending Loyd to the line.  But Loyd missed both free throws – which kept the game tied going into overtime – and Cameron started the overtime period with five points, pulling redemption.

“I knew  we were in the bonus,” said Cameron, “but I take the blame for that.  It was not a smart move.  But I was praying that Loyd would miss the free throws, and when he missed the first one, I hoped he missed the second one, and he did miss the second one.  I’m never scared to shoot the ball, when I have a 3 I’ll let it go  They gave me some room to shot and I put it in.”

Mesquite, who only brought an eight-person lineup to the game, were led in scoring with 30 points apiece by Jonathan Loyd and Don Muepo; Tyron Criswell was one assist short of a triple-double (26 points, 14 rebounds, 9 assists).

With the win, Albany moves a half-game ahead of Kansas City for first place in the TBL standings.  Mesquite falls to 7-4, losing their fourth road game in five trips.


Do you get this feeling that there’s something exciting going on with the Albany Patroons?

Yeah, so do I. Big time.