The #NoGoodWay Challenge – eliminate the R-word from your vocabulary

My friend Jad Crnogorac is a fitness instructor and model.  She was also one of the chief operators of the Halifax Rainmen basketball team when that franchise was in the Premier Basketball League years ago.  She’s a good person and she cares about health and fitness and well-being.

And her post yesterday on her Facebook page was extremely informative, to say the least.

I’ll let her words speak for now.

The #NoGoodWay challenge means that there really is “no good way” to describe someone while using the word “retard.” It’s an insult, it’s derogatory, it’s unacceptable whether you’re describing someone who cut you off on the highway or you’re doing some comedic impersonation and saying, “I don’t mean to insult.” But you’re doing it. You’re insulting.

And the fact of the matter is, you don’t have any idea what that person is going through. There are millions of able-challenged men and women in this world. They battle everything from Down’s Syndrome to traumatic brain injuries, from birth delivery issues to autism. You don’t know. And you don’t get to judge.

Let me reiterate.

Years ago, there was a Times Union tech blogger who made a comment about how some new upgrade on the Apple iPhone was a “retarded” action. I messaged him and said that he could have chosen another word instead of “retard.” He said that it was okay for him to use it because he has a brother with mental retardation.

No, that’s not a good reason. You don’t get to use a slur like and think it’s okay because you know someone who knows someone. That’s a chicken-shit excuse.

This isn’t a major challenge. No one’s asking you to dump ice water on your head, or to toss a slice of cheese at a baby, or to sing along with a Drake song. All you need to do is simply refrain and restrict yourself from referencing that retort. It’s repulsive, it’s redundant, and it’s revolting.

And besides … using a word like that is akin to using other slurs. Like the N-word. Or the F-word. Or any of those other “letter-dash-word” words.

So definnitely take the #NoGoodWay challenge. It’s worth it.

We are good people.

Let’s show it.