Ann Coulter uses discriminatory slurs, film at 11…

Let’s get this on the table right away.

Ann Coulter is a demagogue.  She’s a fearmongerer.  She’s a baiter who fancies herself as a polemicist.  She’s a shit-stirrer who wants to use your silverware for stirring the shit.

Every so often, she ventures out from under the bridge and tries to charge a toll.  She says something hateful, something hurtful, something repulsive, something offensive, and then just sits back and watches the shit fly.

And yesterday … she pissed me off.  Which, for Ann Coulter, is like saying water is wet.

Case in point.  Reporter Brian Krassenstein posted on his Twitter feed his words about what the Attorney General of the United States is doing in terms of encouraging people to avoid or refuse to accept Congressional subpoenas.

And just like that … here comes Ann Coulter, spouting off a “well, this happened in the Obama Administration, so there’s precedent.”

Which would have been a standard response for any opposition party …

Except she started her tweet with an insult.

Let’s make this clear.  Ann Coulter used her Twitter feed to call someone “retard-boy.”

Obviously she’s not a regular reader of my blog, where I only posted a blog last month about eliminating the word “retard” from common usage, both as a description of someone who has any sort of developmental challenges, and as a derogatory slur on anyone to suggest that they might have developmental challenges.

But then again, this is Ann Coulter.  She’s probably laughing all the way to the bank with all the comments she receives – as you know on the Internet, comments equals interest, and as long as people are talking about her, then she’s making waves and remaining, in her mind, relevant.

This is the world we’re living in today.  We now have people using derogatory and inflammatory slurs like “retard” to describe someone in an inferior, demeaning, condescending manner.

And let’s face it.  Ann Coulter wouldn’t give two seconds of thought about little old me or my little old opinions.

But I will not stand idly by when I encounter a person who uses such disgusting, vulgar, reprehensible language and hurls it as an insult.

Hey, if she can play the Twitter game … so can I.

Although I should apologize, I do not mean to offend those who practice in the Wiccan faith or who are fans of The Wizard of Oz.

But as long as the prevailing topic is one suggesting that witch hunts exist…

I think Ann Coulter’s broom is parked nearby. 😀