The video Rex Smith doesn’t want you to see…

So somebody alerted me to this.  I’m not really sure how to react.  But I feel that after what has happened in my past … I need to share this with all of you.

There’s something that Rex Smith made back in the late 1970’s.  And it’s now available on YouTube.  Boy, I hope Rex Smith is okay with this being out there.

So here’s the story.  Way back in time, apparently Rex Smith thought it was a good idea to enter the field of entertainment.  You know, probably something stronger than where he is today.

So … I guess back when he had a more natural, darker shade of hair, Rex Smith thought he could sing.  Not just some trip to the local coffee house to belt out a Bob Dylan track or the like … no, Rex Smith actually wrote a song and performed it.  On stage.  With a microphone and all.

I mean, the video itself is pretty grainy and gnarly, and I’m sure that given 40 years of hindsight, Rex Smith probably wouldn’t let it be seen today.  However, it’s out there.  And Rex Smith … maybe it’s time that people see this video one more time.

You know what, though?  Sometimes old videos need to resurface.  Besides, it can’t always be bad … look at the hype that came through when someone found Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ old college video where she danced on camera with some moves that were cribbed from The Breakfast Club.  Well, AOC had a great sense of humor about it, as he later danced in front of her Congressional office, noting that members of Congress also dance.

I get it, Rex Smith.  Your activities today are a far cry from that old grainy video.  But you know what?  Sometimes we just have to shine a light on it … and sooner or later, everything will work out in the end.

Man, you know how many years I’ve been waiting to show this video?  Maybe two years now?

Okay, less talk and more video.

And just remember … I wouldn’t have shown this video if situations didn’t call for it.

You can see Rex Smith’s old video here.

Seems appropriate to expose this video today, doesn’t it? 😀