Patroons defeat San Diego … er … Kansas City … er … Owensboro 131-114

So here’s the deal.  The Albany Patroons are currently in fifth place in the TBL basketball standings.  We just lost our league MVP, Edwin Ubiles, to team in the the Puerto Rico BSN basketball league.  And San Diego is coming into the Armory on Friday night.

Well, San Diego never arrived.  Hmm…

No matter, we’ve got the tough Kansas City Tornadoes coming in on Saturday.

Well, instead of Kansas City, we’re getting the Owensboro Thoroughbreds.  And one of the Thoroughbreds is Rennard Thomas, who played for the Patroons earlier this year and who would like nothing more than to have a revenge game against his old squad.

Well, here’s what happened.

Anthony Moe happened.

Anthony Moe was with the Patroons earlier in the year, then he was released – and then he came back on the Pats’ recent road trip.  So this was his first game back in the Armory in nearly two months.  And what did he do?

30 points and 19 rebounds – including a double-double of 13 points and 10 rebounds in the first half alone.

Oh, and we also picked up Shadell Millinghaus, who played for the New York Court Kings for a couple of games.  Millinghaus popped 28 points into the cylinder for Albany.

And off the bench comes EJ Gallup, who hit not one – not two – not three – not four – but FIVE three-point daggers in the third quarter.  It helped Albany gain the lead and never relinquish it.  Final score – Albany 131, Owensboro 114.

And as for Rennard Thomas’ “revenge” game?  He scored four points, had four steals and seven turnovers.  Not the best stats for a revenge game.

Albany now moves to within a game of Raleigh for the fourth and final playoff position.

But as far as I’m concerned …

The Patroons are owed two forfeit wins.

San Diego was supposed to arrive on Friday.  They did not.  Although the game is being listed as “rescheduled,” I’m not thinking that San Diego will make the trip here.

And Kansas City was supposed to be Saturday night’s opponent.  They didn’t show up.  Thus, that’s another forfeit win for Albany.

So realistically, although the Patroons currently have a 13-10 record … that record really should be 15-10 with those two forfeit victories … which would put the Patroons in a tie with Raleigh for that fourth and final spot.

And that’s also assuming that if Raleigh lost Saturday night’s game against Tampa Bay … then that’s another half-game advance for the Patroons.

Right?  😀