How about a 36-21 third quarter that gave the Albany Patroons Game 2 of the playoffs?

Here’s the deal.  If the Albany Patroons don’t win Game 2 of this TBL playoff series against the Raleigh Firebirds, then there’s no Game 3.

Here’s the deal.  If the Patroons don’t pick up their shooting, if they don’t clamp down on their defense … then there’s no Game 3.

And in the third quarter of Albany’s game against Raleigh last night … the Patroons went basket-happy.

Joshua Cameron drained three after three like they were going out of style.  Shadell Millinghaus put together a nice little triple double.  And Darius Paul – who has found a comfortable role as a dependable sixth man – hit FOUR consecutive three-pointers.  Albany outscored Raleigh 36-21 in that quarter en route to a defining 131-112 Game 2 victory.

And it gets better.  Now the Patroons have momentum.  Now the Patroons have a home date for Game 3 – tonight at 7pm at the Armory.

Now the Patroons are one win away from returning to the championship and facing their old nemesis, the Yakima Sun Kings.

This isn’t over, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Raleigh had their figurative feet on the Patroons’ throats, and were leading by nine points at the end of the first half of Game 2.

But whatever head coach Derrick Rowland said in the locker room – the Pats were listening.  Boy were they listening.

And here’s the kicker.  There’s no 10-hour road trip for either squad tomorrow.  Both teams have had 24 hours of rest before Game 3.  Both teams will be fresh.

Let’s make this happen.  I mean it.

Come to the Armory tonight and support the Albany Patroons as they make their way to the TBL championship finals.

Trust me.  At this point, every game for Albany is a “survive and advance” match.

And I’m definitely good with that.