Albany Patroons win in overtime 114-111 – and now my Friday night is happily booked!

I’m not going to lie to you.  I was worried.  Very worried.

The Albany Patroons had NEVER defeated the Yakima Sun Kings in a playoff game.  Never.  And now the Pats – who had a nearly 20 point lead in the second quarter – were watching that lead evaporate by the third quarter.

But the Patroons never gave up.

At the end of three quarters, Albany and Yakima were tied 80-80.  12 minutes later … thanks to some last-minute heroics from Shadell Millinghaus in an offensive rebound and putback to tie the game up at 100-100 – Albany prevailed in overtime, 114-111.

This now means that the third and deciding game in the TBL championship will be held Friday night at the Washington Avenue Armory.

That’s all we wanted.  We wanted one game.  And we got it.

This is big.  Super big.  And we need this win like we need air and food.

Here’s a stat for you.  The Albany Patroons have reached a championship finals six times.  In two of those three times, the Patroons won their championship on their home court (1984 CBA, 1988 CBA).  They lost the 2009 CBA championship to the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry on the Armory floor, but only in overtime.

The other two series were claimed on the road in Yakima – the 2007 CBA finals and the 2018 NAPB finals.

This time … we get the final game.  At home.  In the Armory.

Win or lose … this is what we wanted.  One more game.  Right here.

This is our chance.  Now more than ever.

This is our Super Bowl.

This is our Stanley Cup.

This is our Grand Final.

This game on Friday is for every Albany Patroons fan and player and coach and staff member who have been part of this franchise since it first took the Armory court in 1982.

Let’s honor that legacy.

One more game.

48 minutes.

Or maybe 53 if it goes into overtime again. 😀