The cork and the magnets arrived in the mail…

Sounds like the start of a very weird poem, doesn’t it?

Okay … background.

A year or so ago, I started messing around with a Dremel tool – to the point where I started “power carving” the end of an old Coca-Cola soda crate.

Not bad, eh?

And then I put the artwork aside and forgot about it.

About three months ago, I found the artwork, took it to Hobby Lobby, and had them add a wire hanger to the back.  At some point in time, I thought about adding some hooks to the bottom and using this as a nifty-looking key ring holder.


But there’s all that ugly exposed wood.  I could power-carve it down … but something just didn’t seem right in that concept.

Then … I came up with an idea.

Instead of power carving all that wood … why couldn’t I cover it up with something else?  Maybe something adhesive, something that could be used as a memo board or as a magnet holder?

Or … maybe as both a memo board AND a magnet holder?

A quick glimpse at Amazon, and I found some adhesive cork rolls at a reasonable price.  Another glimpse around the site, and I found some coiled magnetic adhesive strips.

A few dollars later, I waited for them to arrive in the Town and Village.

And waited.

And waited.

Wow, it seems that when I order from Amazon, my stuff must have to travel all the way UP the Amazon River to get to my house.

Eventually my materials arrived in the Town and Village yesterday … note that I said that they arrived IN the Town and Village, not at my specific doorstep.  Seems my neighbor had five Amazon packages, and the delivery person simply plopped my package in with his.  I’d go complain to Jeff Bezos, but he would probably counter by putting my ass on Amazon and having someone buy it and send me to Utica or something.

Okay …

I unrolled the adhesive cork, cut two strips to size, cut one of those strips to replicate the open space from the crate’s handle grip …

And five minutes later …

Well now…

This looks more impressive.

I then cut some magnetic strips for the side panels.   Three magnetic side panels per side … and there was just enough to finish the project.

I then took the project and placed it face side down, to allow the strips to adhere to the wood.  Left it there overnight.

This morning, I’ll find a use for it somewhere – something to put a few thumbtacks and Post-It Notes on, something to add a few decorative magnets on the sides.

In other words, this was a project I completely forgot about … then I decided to make something out of it rather than let it sit unfinished in my house.

I’ll take that any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Now if I can get all my OTHER projects complete in time for this upcoming thing called Competition Season 2019… 😀