So a Monet could be in my future …

Longtime readers of my blog will attest that I do NOT subscribe to the iPhone / Samsung cell phone juggernauts.  And that’s mostly because I’ve stayed loyal to the BlackBerry brand for decades.

And yes, I will answer your next question.  They’re still making BlackBerry phones.  And they have the security and toughness of their BlackBerry forefathers.  Oh, and they operate on an Android hierarchy.

I currently rock a BlackBerry KEYone phone, complete with the tactile keyboard and brilliant viewscreen.  Yes, I know it’s a BlackBerry in name only – the phones are manufactured in China by TCL – but it still has that keyboard and it still has the functionality you expect from a modern cell phone.

And today’s news may have piqued my interest.

Any time there’s a new BlackBerry phone in the wind, there will be specific codenames floating around in config files.  And of late, the name “Monet” and “BBJ100” are appearing more often in config code.

What could this mean?

Is it possibly the new BlackBerry KEY3 phone?

Or is it (mentally drooling) a PRIV 2?

I say that because of all the BlackBerries I’ve ever owned, the PRIV was my favorite.  It had a touch screen that actually slid out to reveal an exposed keyboard, similar to the old Sidekick phones of long ago.  So you had the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, my PRIV suffered a cracked screen, and Verizon would not repair the phone (despite my paying for insurance on the phone).  Instead, they went halfsies on a replacement BlackBerry KEYone phone, which at that time was the new model.  I’ve stuck with that phone through the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE models, mostly because I don’t want to just upgrade for the sake of upgrading.

Plus, I’m one of the few Verizon customers that still has the unlimited data package – so long as I buy my phones at full price and I don’t enter into a new contract with Verizon, I get unlimited data.  Hell, I could stream Netflix shows on my phone and not get gouged for data overages.  Verizon hates that, and they’d love to squeeze me out of that plan.  Tough noogies, Verizon.

So whenever a new BlackBerry makes its presence heard, I have to really consider my options.  What would make me want to jump away from my current KEYone to this new “Monet” version?

Well, among the rumors for this phone might include a dual SIM card (possibly in the international version) and a color variant for the Verizon version.  Now the current Berry out there is that KEY2 Red Edition with 128GB of storage, but it’s not available for the Verizon network (you suck, Verizon), so I have to wait and see how things work out.

As I said before, do not get me wrong – I would love to upgrade my phone, but I need a reason to do it other than “it’s new” or “It has a pretty color” or “some celebrity uses it.”  I need functionality, I need security, and I need it to work with the Big Red Check.

So if “Monet” is on its way, it needs to be worth my while.

And trust me, I keep BlackBerry phones for as long as possible.

Heck, I once owned the BB 8703(e) for six years.  I might still have it in a drawer somewhere if I need to pull out a backup phone.

It’s in the drawer next to my BlackBerry Q10.  The white one – which was only available as a Verizon variant. 😀

So we’ll see how things work out.

In other words, I’m in a good place, phone-wise.  I can keep … or I can upgrade … and it’s my choice.

That truly is a good place.