The new adventures of Mugshots Bro

I was on a photo shoot last night, and as I checked my Facebook account, I received some news.

My friend Amy Dowd has moved from horse trainer to managing a stable of horses.  And with that, her star horse from her racing stable, Mugshots Bro, is now in the hands of a new owner.

Mugshots Bro leads the way. Nikon Df camera, MT MTO 11 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Mugshots Bro – second from the left – with the characteristic blue-white checkered hood on his head.  He’s won several races, both at Saratoga Harness and down in Yonkers, and he’s really been a star for the stable.  Heck, last year he won an Open Trot race, the biggest race of his career.

But now Mugshots Bro has been sold to another owner.  The horse will continue to race throughout the New York area, and will certainly continue to earn first place money and lots of accolades – and help win betters like me lots of cash.

When it comes to sports, we have our favorites – our favorite teams, our favorite athletes.  And our reasons are our own – home town team, star talent, how they look in a uniform, all that.

As I’ve written before, Mugshots Bro joined my “I’d bet on that horse in every race” wager list as he was a stablemate of another horse, Just Vic.  Although Just Vic didn’t reach his full capacity as a harness horse – and is now enjoying comfortable retirement as an Amish buggy horse – Mugshots Bro still wore the checkered hood that Just Vic wore in many races.  And through whatever pluck and luck and horse racing wizardry, Mugshots Bro took some wins.  Big wins.

And now his career continues.

Look – we live in a world where our favorite athletes change teams.  Heck, Bartolo Colon’s moved around so many times, his hometown paper would be USA Today.  We don’t live in an age where Cal Ripken, Jr. and Derek Jeter were the one-team-in-their-career players – those are now the exceptions rather than the rule.  And I say this because even if Mugshots Bro isn’t part of Amy Dowd’s stable, he’s still going to race at Saratoga.

One change, though … he’ll be racing without the checkered hood.

Amy Dowd’s keeping that as her own personal memento.

Totally makes all the sense in the world.

Horse sense, that is. 😀