You gotta put a wiggle in your pitch, son…

Hernan Perez is a utility player for the Milwaukee Brewers, he’s moved from shortstop to right field to wherever the Brewers need him.

Last night, in what was a nasty blowout for the Brewers – they were down 16-0 after 8 innings to the Miami Marlins – Perez got the call.  Take the mound.

And take the mound he did.

The sound on this video is very faint, but you can get the gist of what’s going on.

Just watch.


What you see here is a player who’s obviously treating baseball as a game and not as work.  He replicated the Johnny Cueto shimmy – as well as a Bronson Arroyo high kick – and, with a fastball that could be clocked with a sundial, he actually pitched a 1-2-3 scoreless inning and gave the remaining Brewers fans who stuck around for the end of the game at least something to smile about.

Again – baseball is a very funny game, so sayeth the great Joe Garagiola.  But if you’re a utility player and you’re called in to mop up the final inning in a 16-0 loss … you gotta have some fun.

And besides … Hernan Perez may have the best shimmy in sports since … I don’t know … Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke?

Yeah.  Let’s see Hernan Perez do that.

Of course, now that I said that, I’m sure he’ll try. 😀