Can CivMix take the spot of All Over Albany?

Let’s first remember the great website All Over Albany, the independent site that featured the best and most interesting and noteworthy happenings in the 518.  Such a great site.  I still miss it today.

And with that, I have news.  There’s a new Albany-based cultural website that just went live earlier this week.

It’s called CivMix.

And accoreding to CivMix’s mission statement, they want to fill that section of Albany news, culture and entertainment that was once housed by AOA, Metroland and several other sites.

“After the sad demise of a trio of alternative publications, the last being the much-loved All Over Albany website, a few of us contacted one another and said, “What can we do to fill this space?” Because this region not only needs news about local happenings, the arts, government and community events, it deserves to have that information delivered in the most thoughtful, engaging way possible.

We all agreed on the premise, but struggled to come up with a name. What one word or phrase could possibly encapsulate the complex combination of everything we hoped to provide?

It turned out to be more straightforward that we feared. We wanted something that spoke to the amazing blend that makes up our rich community. The phrase “community blend,” translated to Latin, is “civitas mixtio,” or CivMix, for short.

CivMix. It’s where it’s at.

We hope this site will be not only a source of information, but also a forum for a respectful exchange of ideas, and an incubator that helps bring our community closer together. Because in these over-wrought and even scary times, we need our communities to be strong and vibrant more than ever.
Welcome to CivMix. We hope you like it. We hope you join us.

Well now.

Already CivMix has garnered some local community bloggers to their site, including Deanna Fox and Silvia “DelSo” Lilly.  And if there’s any indication out there, the excitement about this new site can only increase.

I’ve already added it to my website’s blogroll, and I’m sure there will be posts from the CivMix portal on my Saturday “What’s Up in the Neighborhood” blog recap.  Which works well for all concerned.

Heck, if they’d have me, I’d even like to submit a blog post or six for them.  I’m easy to work with.  😀

But yeah, if you want to check out CivMix, here’s a link to their site.

Wishing the page good fortune and a long shelf life.