K-Chuck Radio: It’s more 70’s hits you totally forgot about!

Every so often, I’ll come across an online streaming radio station that will have plenty of classic oldies on it.  And then, all of a sudden, there will be a track that I’ve never heard before – but it sounds totally awesome.  Now if the streaming radio station doesn’t announce the title or the artist, I have to try to remember a fragment of lyric and Google the lyric – and if I’m lucky, I’ll pull up the song on YouTube.

Well, I had a few of those recently.  Most of them were hits from the 1970’s – either they were minor hits that barely creased into the Top 40, or they were international hits that just never broke through to America.

So crank up your speakers, it’s time for another list of forgotten records from the best online station in the world, K-Chuck Radio.

And let’s start with:

Melanie Makes Me Smile

This was actually a hit for Tony Burrows, a studio singer who fronted about a dozen bands in the 1970’s – Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, First Class – but the Australian quartet here took this track to the top of the charts in their home country, and in my opinion, it actually sounds better than the Tony Burrows version.

Don’t You Write Her Off Like That

Southern California rock meets the Bo Diddley beat, with a waycool refrain hook.  Definitely would fit on one of those “yacht rock” marathons on SiriusXM radio, if you ask me.

Devil Gate Drive

Let’s make this clear.  If your only experience with Suzi Quatro was that twee ballad she sang in 1980, “Stumblin’ in” – or if you only know her as Leather Tuscadero from the Happy Days TV series, you have no idea that she was a completely awesome 70’s rocker that crafted some kick-ass 3-minute pop masterpieces.  Like this one.

Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)

This song has more hooks than a fishing store.  The mixture of 1950’s musical styles, combined with the intro from legendary DJ Wolfman Jack, man this song should have been a chart-topper instead of landing at the lower reaches of the Top 40.  But that’s just me.  And you can actually combine this song with the next one for a nice segue.

Street Singin’

Just get past the concept that Barry Manilow co-wrote and co-produced and arranged this track.  As long as he’s not actually SINGING on the track, I can live with it.  Trust me on this.

Dancing (On A Saturday Night)

Bond was a Canadian pop band that recorded this little one-off track that had been a hit in other countries, and then suddenly it was a top hit in Canada.  And it’s a decent bouncy track in and of itself.

Big City Miss Ruth Ann

Yes, this is the same Gallery that had the hit “Nice To Be With You,” you know that track.  But this was one of their follow-ups, which sorta creased into the Top 40 at about #23 or so.  A nice chunk of 70’s pop that deserved more airplay.

I Was Checkin’ Out (She Was Checkin’ In)

So let me figure this out.  He’s cheating on his wife with another woman in a hotel … discovered that his main woman was arriving at the hotel with another guy?  And the girl who just spent time with him – was married to someone else as well???  And this was a Top 40 hit??  Holy Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, Batman…

So yeah, imagine those hits on your Top 40 station back in the day.  Would have certainly made your radio listening experience more fun, wouldn’t you say?

Right here on K-Chuck Radio!