It only took me about nine months to return to it.

Yesterday, I saw that one of my buddies, John Longton – we broadcast Albany Patroons games together and he’s part of the Two Buttons Deep website – posted on Facebook that he would be a fill-in host for a trivia game at the Across The Street Pub in Albany.

And I thought to myself – after all the stuff I’ve gone through recently, I need a game of competitive team trivia.

And I also thought to myself – when was the last time I actually PLAYED a competitive game of team trivia?

Honestly, the Rivers Casino trivia game ended after a while … and maybe the last time I actually played a worthwhile trivia game was at the World Tavern Trivia championship tournament in Atlantic City last September.

You know what?  It’s not going to kill me to get out there and play a trivia game again.

I arrived at the Across The Street Pub in plenty of time to enjoy a meal – by the way, whoever designed the microscopic parking lot at the Pub must have been mainlining Drano at the time – and I waited for John to arrive and get the trivia game started.

He saw me there and asked if I wanted to join another table – one with his friends – to play.

“That’s okay,” I said.

“You sure?  There’s a team here called Second Knuckles, they win every week.”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

Just then, a server walked by and said, “You know, I used to work at Recovery Room across from Albany Med, and there was this one guy there who used to win every week – and he won so many times that the owner tried to ban him from playing there, because other teams weren’t able to beat him.”

“That was me,” I smiled.  Ah, the days of winning New York Giants boxed seats by beating ten other teams every Wednesday night

This game was four rounds of general knowledge questions, each round consisting of six questions, each question valued at one point apiece.  It was a rather quick game – it started at 6:30 and ended around 8:00.  And I didn’t do too badly – 21 of 24 questions right, including acing the last two rounds (I knew that the largest circulated paper in the United States is USA Today; that the “G” in movie ratings stood for “General Audiences”, and that Yogi Berra’s real first name is “Lawrence”) – but I missed on two “which is older” questions (The Ten Commandments came before Ben-Hur, and apparently Frank Sinatra was two years older than Dean Martin).

But 21 out of 24 for a one-man squad – after nearly nine months of non-trivia – is pretty damn good.  And yeah, the Second Knuckles team won again, good for them.

In fact, talk about old home week – as I was leaving the restaurant, I ran into another trivia player from the past – Michele Poole, who used to play trivia over at Elbo Room before Elbo Room went completely into the drink.

“It’s good to see you again,” I said.  “Did you do the Freihofer’s Run for Women again this year?”

“Yes I did,” she smiled.

“What is that now, 27 consecutive runs?”


She then told her friend that I had chronicled her twentieth Freihofer’s run in my blog.  “Do you still have that blog?” she asked.

“I do,” I replied.  “It’s now on an independent platform.”

So here’s the thing.  It took a while, but I actually got back out there with the masses and played another game of solo competitive team trivia.  The Street Academy Trivia Team returned to action.  I didn’t win for the night, but I did make a decent showing of it.

And maybe … just maybe … I’ll find a trivia game and return to a nightly competition.

Because it’s a good thing to go back to things that make you feel good.

And it’s been too long to not feel good, if you know what I mean.