The Jon Campbell Green Screen Photo Challenge

Jon Campbell is a good friend of mine, he’s a reporter with the Gannett News Service, where he covers local politics.  He also plays competitive team trivia, and his team “The Fist” actually picked up a Trivia Bowl championship a few years ago.  He’s also good-natured when I rib him about his undying love for the Buffalo Bills (I’ve heard rumors that if he has a kid, it’d be named “Jim Kelly” if it’s a boy and “Kelly Jim” if it’s a girl).

Over the weekend, he decided to have a little fun.  He posted a picture of himself – as he stood in front of a green background – and challenged his Twitter followers to have some fun posting his picture in other photos.

And I have to admit, many of those who took up the challenge had some fun with this – putting Jon in pictures with a Godzilla-sized Andrew Cuomo, for example.  Or a few pictures where Campbell is superimposed over giant-sized slices of bologna, which apparently is some sort of reference to Campbell dealing with lots of baloney in his day job.

Now I haven’t had much experience in working with green screen images … but just for the hell of it – and because I needed some blog fodder for today – I took the Jon Campbell Green Screen challenge.

And rather than putting Jon in any old pictures …

I decided that Mr. Campbell needed some time walking through my photographs.

For example …

Hey Jon, you want to see falling stars up close and personal?

Besides, who needs one of those 50c viewfinders when you’re tall enough to pick a star right out of the sky?

Okay, let’s check out another green screen challenge shot.

I’m thinking that instead of making Jon interact with big slabs of bologna…

How do you think he would fare with a giant order of lamb chops?

I know that when summer rolls around, Jon and his FIst trivia team have a chance to be only the second trivia team to claim both a Trivia Bowl and a Summer Bowl championship.  But at the same time, what’s a bigger challenge for a Western New York lad – winning a trivia championship, or knocking down the 7-10 split at Cardiac Ken’s Bowl-A-Rama in downtown Lockport?

Maybe it’s time to go to Northern New York, as opposed to Western New York – out to the Adirondacks.  Because what New York kid wouldn’t want his own train set that goes through a scale-model tunnel and over a scale-model trestle?

Well, I can’t shrink the Adirondacks to fit Jon … but I can make Jon grow like a kaiju double feature.

Okay, okay, one more.  A couple of years ago, I captured this image of reflected light bulbs through a windowpane.  I called it The Constellation Sylvania, and thought about entering it in competition, but never did.

It just means that I can pull a photo out of my archive, put Jon Campbell in it and … well … ha ha ha ha …

Jon – trust me on this.  I can put your name in lights.  You could be the star of your own motion picture series.

Heck, I could enter some of these in Syracuse.  That’s right, I could put Jon Campbell’s excited reaction on an artwork and – if I can actually break the #syracurse – I could get him on the walls of the Harriet May Mills art center.

I just have to get him to sign a model release to do so.

I’m sure he’d sign one for me … Right, Jon? 😀