Ilhan Omar loves America more than you think she does

So it looks as if the President of the United States has found his new target.  Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has now become the de facto “Lock Her Up” dogwhistle.

The problem is, most of the things you hear today about Ilhan Omar are slurs and vulgarities created by Trump and his band of sycophants.  And I’m getting sick of this.  It’s demagoguery at its most vile, it’s pandering to the lowest common denominator.  And we need to be better than this.

I’ve heard the stories and I’ve heard the claims.  But if you investigate deeper – go online and read the original sources – you discover that what was thought to be said by Ilhan Omar really WASN’T said, or was taken so far completely out of context that it makes no sense.

I’m not going to repeat most of these – but I will direct you to links from about how Trump has recently taken six-year-old comments from Omar about other subjects, and he twisted them into something more sinister and dire.

And yesterday, he ramped things up.

During one of his “I have to get on a helicopter” press briefings, Trump insinuated that at one time, Omar was married to her brother in what was purported to be an attempt to skirt immigration laws and become a U.S. citizen at a faster rate.  Again, unproven and spurious, as can be found in this overview.  And you can trust Snopes, especially when there’s a visible link right here in this blog post that takes you to that site.

What I’m saying is …

Ilhan Omar is a duly elected representative of Minnesota’s 5th District.  She is fighting for better conditions for her constitutents.  She was one of the first representatives to sign on for the 9/11 Victims Compensation Act – you know, the same Victims Compensation Act that Republican senator Rand Paul is currently blocking from a vote.

But apparently that’s not good enough for Trump and his minions.  They treat Omar (and her fellow representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib) as the new boogeymen of the political world.  And Omar worst of all.

I don’t have to remind you about how Trump conducted a “Send Her Back” chant at his most recent gathering last night.  This is fear and hate-mongering at its worst.

We are a better nation than this.  And we don’t need to put together lies and smears and falsehoods about duly elected officials to continue this.

Let’s pay attention right here and now.

Just because someone is Muslim or practices Islam, does not mean that they are a terrorist.

Just because someone wears a hijab, does not mean that they hate America.

And just because someone believes in the rights of all people does not mean that they are against the rights of others.

And when the leader of the United States espouses horrifying, xenophobic, demagoguery like this … constructing and promoting lies that can be easily disputed with a few clicks and about ten minutes of research … then this is not a President that’s fit to lead this country or its people.

Do us all a favor, Donald Trump.  Do something that actually shows leadership.  Stop acting like you’re the big bully in the playground and actually ACT like a President.

Because right now, you’re barely acting like a civilized human being.

You’re acting more like a common thug from Queens who thinks he’s more wealthy than he really is.