Sometimes you need a pick-me-up from an Australian wrestling tag team

I definitely enjoy watching professional wrestling.  It’s a fun diversion in life.  And currently I’ve been hooked on the antics of a pair of wrestlers who call themselves the IIconics.

These two wrestlers – Peyton Royce and Billie Kay – fought their way up from a small independent Australian wrestling company, through different American wrestling promotions, and then did a stint on the WWE’s developmental brand NXT, before debuting in April 2018 on the WWE’s main rosters.

And after several bouts throughout the year with the WWE’s top wrestling talent, the IIconics pulled off a major upset at this year’s Wrestlemania – when they defeated three other tag teams to claim the newly-minted WWE women’s tag team titles, which they still hold today.

Oh and I should mention that the IIconics are not just decent wrestlers – they’re also comedy gold on the microphone as well.  Lately, Billie Kay’s comments about “You gotta be JOKING me” and “Did you go to journalism?” are so funny, they could even make her tag partner Peyton Royce crack up and laugh when she was supposed to be serious.

I should also note that the IIconics have a major presence on social media, and they’re more than happy to participate in YouTube videos with other WWE superstars – such as wrestler Xavier Woods’ “Up Up Down Down” gaming video site.  Watching the IIconics take on Sheamus and Cesaro in a bowling tournament is just hilarious.

So here’s the thing.  When the IIconics wrestle, they’re usually wearing black ring gear – or black gear with colorful accents.

A few weeks ago, a fan of the IIconics posted an Instagram shot of what she thought the IIconics would look like if they were wearing SILVER wrestling outfits.  This isn’t unusual, you tell me there isn’t a single actor or athlete out there who doesn’t have his or her fans creating some sort of fan-art or fan-shipping.

Now I should note that the Instagram poster – @stayevilxdollface – loves wrestling, and her IG page is full of images of her with her favorite WWE superstars.  But with a little bit of PhotoShop magic … now the IIconics are in silver wrestling gear.

Not bad.  And it even caught the attention of Peyton Royce, who – as you can see on the Instagram post – loved the fan edit.

Okay, that was way back in March.

Last Tuesday, the IIconics wrestled the Japanese tag team of Kairi Sane and Asuka in a short TV match.  But … if you look at the video … do you notice something?

That’s not PhotoShop.  Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are ACTUALLY WEARING SILVER OUTFITS – and they look nearly identical to the ones from the Instagram post.  Apparently the IIconics liked that fan edit so much, they contacted the WWE’s master seamstress and had her create wrestling clothes that match up to the fan edit design.

To say that the fan was honored and humbled and excited … that would be a total understatement.

Oh yeah, and there were a couple of nice responses on this Twitter feed … from a rather, shall we say, iconic duo.

See?  Sometimes wrestling isn’t just suplexes and powerbombs and foreign objects and stuff like that.  Sometimes it’s just a good interaction between the sports entertainers and their fans.

And that’s pretty iconic – sorry, that’s supposed to be spelled with two “i”‘s.