Thoughts while wrapping film at 3 in the morning

I couldn’t sleep.  So I took a pack of old Kodak Instamatic 126 film into my dark room (which also doubles as my bathroom after midnight), cracked open the Instamatic cartridge, and rolled the film into some medium format backing paper.  I’ll use this for a future photo shoot, somewhere down the road.

But while I’m wrapping this film … I’m thinking about lots of subjects.  This happens at three o’clock in the morning.

So yeah … thoughts …

  • I saw the new trailer for the upcoming Mister Rogers movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”  Just give Tom Hanks his third Oscar already and be done with it.
  • The way motion pictures are going these days, I’m almost expecting a “PBS Shared Universe” movie series in which Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, Julia Child, Big Bird and the Dowager Countess team up to find Carmen Sandiego or something.  That film should premiere in 2025 or so.
  • Summer Bowl X, one of the top championships in local bar trivia, takes place in a couple of weeks.  And for the first time – I want to do this competition as a solo Street Academy team.  This is what happens when you play competitive team trivia for 15 years … but you decide it’s time to try a championship by yourself.  No disrespect to my wonderful teammates in the past … but I want to try this time and say that I either won by myself – or tried my damndest and shook the hands of the winners afterwards.
  • I just got my hang-tags and postcards from the New York State Fair.  I need to apply the postcards and hang-tags (along with appropriate postage, as well as a model release for Senses Working Overtime) to the six printed entries.  The other three non-photographic entries I’m submitting – I have to tie yarn to a corner and thread the hang-tag through the yarn.  Then I attach the postcard to the hangtag and add appropriate postage.
  • I’m still two pictures away from deciding what goes to Altamont this year.  And part of me is thinking that I might not submit my maximum four entries – that I may just go with two entries, in that I don’t think I have anything stronger than what’s in my arsenal at the moment.  Self-doubt sucks.  But it’s also important.  It keeps you grounded.
  • My local Rite Aid changed into a Walgreens about six months ago, and I’m still referring to it as “Rite Aid” when I pick up my prescriptions.  This is bad when I’m still calling one chain pharmacy by another chain pharmacy’s name.  I may need some sort of prescription to fix that.  Perhaps that’s  at another chain pharmacy.
  • I tried watching NBC’s The InBetween – I made it through five episodes and gave up.  They wasted Harriet Dyer’s talent in this series.  Just wasted it.
  • The stupidest network TV show on right now is something called Holy Moley, which looks like a minigolf tournament mixed with Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior.  All I can say is that Joe Tessitore must be cashing paychecks with lots of digits to be involved in this tripe.
  • Is it just me or does every Rebel Wilson film have her stumbling around and falling down in one scene or another?  And she’s in the new Cats movie?  Somewhere in that dark night, T.S. Eliot is spinning in his grave.  Spinning, I tell you.
  • The same people who believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex trafficking operation out of a pizza parlor, are the same people who would believe the moon was made of green cheese if Donald Trump tweeted that out.  Besides, everybody knows that according to Donald Trump, the moon (which is next to Mars) is made of hamberders and covfefe, right?
  • Trying to explain candlepin bowling to anyone who’s never seen it before is like trying to explain baseball to someone who’s grown up watching cricket.  Three balls?  Sticks for pins?  And nobody’s ever bowled a perfect game?  Balderdash!
  • I finally think that after all these years, I have my perfect arsenal of film and digital cameras.  Of course, that never stops me from lusting after a Nikon F red dot 35mm shooter, or a Soviet Sputnik 120 3D camera, but hey that’s me.  Looking at the menu doesn’t mean you have to order the food.
  • There’s a horse racing today at Ballingrobe in Ireland.  The name of the horse?  Old Town Road.  I am not making this up.  I suppose that during the race, the jockey will ride Old Town Road until he can’t no more… (rimshot).
  • Technically, I’ve blogged once a day for ten years – beginning with my own personal blogspot portal, then moving on to the Times Union’s portal for about eight years, and then these last successful years with my personal blog.  Good times.  Maybe I’ll take a day off some day.  I think September 31st would be a good day to take off, don’t you?
  • That orange vanilla Coke Zero Sugar flavor takes some getting used to – it’s okay, but if it’s a choice between that or diet Cherry Pepsi, the Pepsi wins.
  • Those recipe videos from Blossom and Tasty and Delish look much better than when I attempt to make the same meal.  Then again, they’ve never put together a Spam Stroganoff video, so that’s on them. 😀
  • In fact … I haven’t had Spam Stroganoff in a while.  I may want to make some.
  • My favorite MSNBC anchors are – in order of “yes, I’ll watch them when they’re on” – Ari Melber, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reed, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rev. Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews.  But that all gets superseded if Kris Jansing fills in as a guest host.  Why has no one given Kris Jansing her own hour on MSNBC?
  • Any time there’s a pharmaceutical commercial and they start rattling off all the side effects – try this.  Mute the broadcast and watch what everyone does in the commercial.  Happy times, smiling faces, animated turkeys tossing their cigarettes in the trash … it’s creepy.
  • I’m totally digging the Polyphonic YouTube channel.  Nothing like getting a clinical and totally detailed explanation of music theory in popular music.
  • Okay.  I need to get some sleep.  Or I’m gonna be punchy all day.  And I don’t want to be punchy all day.  I’m not Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.  And by saying this, all the kids who play Fortnite and PUBG are scratching their heads and saying, “Who?”

Night all.  See you tomorrow.  😀