Holy cow, H.R. 3375 might just get passed!!

My regular blog readers will know that I detest robocalls, spambots, telemarketers and cold call swindlers.  I detest them with the same loathing and hatred shared only by those who are dragged to a Smash Mouth / Nickelback concert tour.

That’s why I’m excited to hear that Bill H.R. 3375 – the “Stop Bad Robocalls Act” – will pass the House of Representatives today – with nearly unanimous bipartisan support.  The bill, which can be read at this link,  The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), and co-sponsored by Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), Mike Doyle (D-PA) and Bob Latta (R-OH), was introduced in the House in June of 2019.  One month later, a vote was held and the motion passed 429-3.  It needed a two-thirds majority, it surpassed that by a landslide.

So who voted to support a bill that would update the Telecommunications Act of 1934 and put limits and controls on those who use robocalling techniques and VoIP spoofings and Caller ID maskings?  Every single Democrat in the House, including the beloved “Squad” – and every Republican, save two (Andy Biggs, R-AZ and Thomas Massie, R-KY).  The House’s independent member, Justin Amash (I-MI), also voted against the bill.

So what happens now?  The bill goes to the Senate for discussion and debate.  Come on, didn’t you see Schoolhouse Rock as a kid?

Here’s what one of our local representatives, Antonio Delgado, had to say about the bill.

And some other tweets from the House members.


So now it’s up to the Senate to take up the vote on this issue.

And someone’s going to say to me – “Chuck, what about what happened yesterday?  The Mueller Report?  And all that?”

I understand what’s going on with the Mueller Report and the testimony yesterday.  What I’m talking about today is a “kitchen-table issue,” where we Americans have to deal with these swindlers and scammers and griefers every single damn day.  I’ve written blogs about them, I’ve recorded their calls, I’ve mocked them, I’ve threatened them.  They hide behind fake Caller ID numbers and VoIP lines, and they’re relentless and they don’t take “get lost” for an answer.

So yeah … this at least shows that the House is capable of doing something bipartisan to help curtail the criminals that call and hassle us.  It also shows that the government can work together on issues that matter to voters.

At least this issue.

We’ll talk about other issues as things progress. 😀