I could have Sudden Death in a month…

Every year, the New York State Fair offers some abnormally insane “fair food,” a melange of meats and cheeses and sugars and deep-frying.  A few years ago, it was the Defibrillator, a beef patty with bacon and fixings, wrapped between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  A couple of years ago, it was deep-fried matzo balls at the Kosher stand, which were just delicious.  DE-LISH-US.

This year, the New York State Fair’s “fair food” to try is something called Sudden Death.

I shall let the Fair’s Twitter account explain what a “Sudden Death” is.

That’s Atkins-friendly, right? 😀

Now my usual tactic is that if I pick up a decent ribbon (second-or-better in the arts and crafts building, or any sort of ribbon in the photography wing), I’ll get one of these “fair food” cholesterol bullets.

So let’s up the challenge.

I followed up the New York State Fair’s Twitter post … with a reply of my own.

So here’s the deal.  In a week and a half, I’m schlepping nine entries – six photos and three art projects – to Syracuse.  A week and a half after that, I should receive the nine postcards o’ doom.  But if anything gets through – if I earn at least second place or better with my three crafted art projects OR a ribbon of any sort with any of my six photographs – then I’ll traipse over to the Fried Specialties booth and order one of these Sudden Death sandwiches.  Along with a Diet Cola.  Because as we all know, diet colas counterbalance fatty foods.

And, just for the sake of argument, if I get my first blue ribbon in the arts and crafts center (which would be my best showing ever in that area; one of my soda crate hope chests claimed a second-place in 2017), or if I snag a blue ribbon in the photography salon (which would be my first blue in that field since waaaaaay back in 2011), then I’ll get one of these crunchy-munchies to eat … and then purchase another one for the road back to Albany.

I’m sure this will hold for a three-hour journey, won’t it?

So if you want to see Chuck chow down on totally healthy and totally deep fried victuals…

Let’s hope for some blue silks, okay?