A trip through the Old Game Farm in Catskill

It’s Saturday morning and I’m on a scouting spree.

Let me explain.

In 2006, the Catskill Game Farm closed operations, and all the animals inside went to new homes.  A new ownership group is currently offering tours of the old grounds, and is in the midst of renovating the property into a camp site.

On Saturday, the Old Game Farm (as it’s now known) offered a self-guided tour.  For a small donation at the door, you could walk thorugh the old grounds and see the buildings and take pictures and whatnot.  It’s like urban exploration – only it’s the kind that’s actually approved and sanctioned.

I spent some time at the grounds, taking pictures of various artifacts and old buildings, and getting ideas for a future project.

If you’re interested in touring the old Game Farm, please visit this link for more information.

But for now … here’s what you can find on the grounds.

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I was actually looking at this as a scouting mission, as I have plans to come back here very soon for a future photo project.  And I think this will work.  I just have to do a little planning, a little observation, and maybe … just maybe … I can pull an amazing photo out of this in the future.

We shall see.

Right? 😀