So now I’m in the Pine Hills Review… swank…

I’ve known Professor Daniel Nester for a long time.  He and I used to be Times Union community bloggers together.  Then we left to open up our own blog portals.  I’ve also known Daniel to be a dedicated fan of the band Queen (because everybody should be a dedicated fan of the band Queen), as well as someone who will have no problem throwing in rock lyrics as correction notes in the margins of his students’ term papers.

He contacted me the other day, asking if I had any abstract or interesting photos that could be used as match-ups to accepted poetry for The Pine Hills Review, the literary magazine of The College of Saint Rose.  Does Chuck Miller have abstract photos?  Does Freddie Mercury have teeth?

The photos, Daniel said, would run concurrently with accepted articles and poetry – in other words, they didn’t have to be completely on point (a poem about flowers didn’t need an image about flowers, but a poem about personal growth might need a picture of flowers).

I’m good with this.

Star Trail in St. Agnes Cemetery, Albany NY

Last night, Daniel let me know that one of my pictures – my 2010 shot from an overnight stay in St. Agnes Cemetery, where I positioned my camera so that the stars trailed around a tombstone monument’s head, was used in conjunction with a poem by Gregory Pardlo, “Hey, Good Looking!”  You should read the poem, it’s quite good.  The link is here.

Daniel also let me know that there were more Chuck Miller images lined up with poems and posts in the future.  This is cool.  I never received this kind of love from the literary magazine from my college alma mater, so this is a nice touch.

Oh yeah, and if you want to read more poems and writings from the Pine Hills Review, I’ve added a link to the site at my personal blogroll.  And it will join the list of “What’s Up in the Neighborhood” each Saturday.

See, this is the part of “bloggers helping bloggers.”  If you can give someone an assist, the next thing you know, they’ll give you an assist down the road.  It’s a great way to keep yourself alive.

Truly, these are the days of our lives.

It’s a kind of magic, don’tcha know.

Yeah … I may want to knock off the Queen references, they’re right now going over like death on two legs.