Computer Answers saved my bacon … one more time!

So last week, I was working on a project … and I dropped my power drill.

I dropped it – and it landed on the floor.

Well, it didn’t land completely on the floor … it landed on something that was already ON the floor.

It landed on the back of my laptop.

Oh crap.

I looked at the laptop.  No cracks on the back.  Maybe I dodged a bullet.

I started the laptop.

Nope.  The screen was full of strange colors and patterns.  I cracked the back of the screen by accidentally dropping a heavy object on the laptop.

Damn it.  This is the laptop I use for NBL Canada work.  It’s the laptop I use when I’m co-broadcasting Albany Patroons basketball.  I’m not sure if I want to get a new laptop and try to transfer all my programs over and all of that …

Wait a second, Chuck.  Computer Answers on Central Avenue might get the laptop fixed.

A quick trip over to 855 Central Avenue.  A technician was actually in the building … on a Sunday, no less.

I showed him the situation.

“This is an Acer laptop.”

“Yes,” I said, worrying that because it was an Acer, the screen might be proprietary and that parts may be hard to acquire – or might be impossible.

“We can get screens for this, no problem,” he said.  “The only thing that’s truly proprietary for Acer laptops is their power cord.  Those are a pain in the ass to replace.”

“So what can we do with this?” I asked.

“If we have the part, we can get it fixed in a day or so.  If we have to order a replacement part from China, it should be done by the end of the week.”

Whew.  Good thing I didn’t break this laptop during basketball season, eh?

I left the laptop at Computer Answers and went home, figuring that I would hear from the store in a day or two.

No, it was more like an hour or two.

“Mr. Miller, this is Computer Answers, we have a screen that matches yours and we’ve put it in your computer and everything works fine.  It’s a used screen, there’s maybe a tiny smudge on the screen that you can only see at a certain angle, and we’ll take some money off the bill because of that.  If you want to come back to the store, we can show you what we did.”

Sure enough, I arrived back at Computer Answers.  And I couldn’t see the smudge they were talking about – not until the tech actually pointed it out to me.  That’s not a smudge.  It was so small, it was more of a smu.

Computer Answers charged me for the screen and the labor, which was a reasonable price.  In fact, they did such a good job on the screen replacement – I’m actually writing today’s blog post on the laptop.  So that’s a good thing.

Look, in this world you need to have service techs and repair professionals you can trust and believe in.  And a few days ago, when a Facebook friend of mine mentioned that her laptop screen had cracked and that she needed to get it fixed quickly, I told her to contact Computer Answers.  She was very thankful for the information.

This isn’t the first time Computer Answers has helped me out.

And I’ll tell you truthfully – I don’t think it will be the last. 😀

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