I’m really getting sick of this …

So there’s some chuds in Kentucky who, over the weekend, participated in the recent St. Jerome Catholic Charities Picnic, which is the unofficial start of the Kentucky political season.  Sure enough, Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the crowd at the gathering.

Meanwhile, during the event, there were some – shall we say – tasteless shows of chud-like behavior from some young men who classify themselves as members of “Team Mitch.”  And their target of ridicule – House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I need to warn you.  These pictures are both graphic and disturbing.

First off … these six chuds thought it would be totally hilarious to pose in front of a cardboard cutout of AOC.  One member of Team Mitch is kissing AOC on the cardboard cheek, while another member of Team Mitch has his hand all the way up AOC’s cardboard crotch.

Oh and look, here’s another picture that somehow made it onto social media.  In this one, another one of the Team Mitch troubadours has his hand around AOC’s throat.  Our other buddy on his knees still has his hand jammed between AOC’s cardboard legs.

I don’t give a shit as to your feelings about AOC.  You can hate her for all you like.  You can love her for all you like.  But this is the same crapola – young men feeling that it’s okay to simulate sexual assault and abuse upon a woman, no matter who she is – that needs to stop.  Right now.

And apparently this isn’t the only time that someone thought that assaulting AOC was an acceptable gesture.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol members had a secret Facebook page, which among its various racist and vulgar attacks on refugees and asylum seekers, there were several memes featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being raped and/or assaulted (two mash-upped images, which I don’t want to repost here, show her either giving oral sex to Donald Trump, or giving oral sex through a chain-link fence).

And it’s an issue in which AOC actually asked the chief of the Department of Homeland Security about.

Enough already.  I realize that these chuds think they’re being totally funny by doing to AOC what Trump said he could do on that Access Hollywood bus.  And the fact that these bonkbrains were allowed to associate themselves with a political campaign of a Senator up for re-election … is shameful.  And that the Senator himself will say nothing about those photos or the actions by these “Team Mitch” representatives … is reprehensible.

And don’t give me the “well, she brought it upon herself, she should have kept her mouth closed and just stayed under the radar, like a good female is supposed to do …”   That thought pattern should have gone out of style a generation ago.  And the fact that these chisel-skulls feel that they can be a man by simulating sexual assault on a cardboard cutout of a duly-elected Congressional representative … is just beyond the pale.

But don’t  just take it from me.  Take it from the duly elected representative of New York’s 20th Congressional District.