A final trip to Altamont for 2019 …

So I did my Sunday trip to the Altamont Fair – ostensibly to see if my picture had claimed the People’s Choice award (it didn’t, a photo of a snowy squirrel did)…

And I also made a pilgrimage to the Arts and Crafts building, which I did not do on Tuesday, to see if there was success for my GLF Quality stitching project.

That, folks, is a nice looking third place silk.  This means that my GLF Quality stitching project is the first crafted (non-photography) project to take a silk in both the New York State Fair (Honorable Mention, 2018) AND the Altamont Fair.  Swank.

And I’d be happy with all this … if it wasn’t for one small, irritating issue.

Parking.  Sunday at the Fair is packed to the rafters, and if you don’t get there two hours before the Fair opens, you’re parking in an auxiliary lot somewhere in Schoharie.  It feels like that.  Trust me on this.

And I’d be okay with all that … if it wasn’t for one, larger, aggravating issue.

When you park at one of these fairs, you invariably have someone guiding you to your proper parking spot.  They wave their arms, they point, they motion like a traffic cop at a 4-way intersection.  And the rule is to follow their directions, they can see the field and they can guide you where you need to go.

So I pulled into the opening of the parking lot, and this girl started motioning at me to pull forward.

I did.

And I slammed on the brakes.

Because I saw – out of the corner of my eye – two women pushing baby carriages up the parking lot.  Right in front of me.  If I hadn’t stopped my car, I would have hit one of those carriages.  And this blog post might have been written from the county jail.

Meanwhile, the attendant continued to wave her arms forward as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Are you serious?  I could have hit those kids with my car and you’re waving your arms like you’re sending semaphore signals across the campground?


I left the Altamont Fair after a couple of hours – the humidity was brutal – and as I walked back to the parking lot, the same attendant motioned that I could cross.

And as I crossed … she waved a car forward.  Right in front of me.

He slammed on his brakes.

What the hell?  First I almost get in an accident where I could have injured babies, now I’m almost in an accident where I get hit by an Audi?  What’s next, are you going to motion for some car to drop their bicycles off the back of their RV right in front of my path?  #ripblackbird

A decent day … ruined by near-carelessness.

I did return back to Altamont later last night, as I had to claim my photos.  Of course, this was around the same time when the area was pummeled by a thunderstorm.  Trust me, this thunder rolled so fast I thought Garth Brooks was singing lead.

Luckily for me, most of the crowd had left the Fairgrounds, and I was able to dodge the raindrops and lightning strikes to pick up my artworks and my winnings.  Smooth.

Okay, a trip home.

Man, it’s dark in Green Island.  I hope we didn’t get clobbered by the storm.

I make it to my apartment.  I turn on the television.

The TV won’t go on.

Uh oh.

Never mind, I’ll go log on to my desktop computer.

No power to the desktop.

Uh oh uh oh.

The storm must have blasted through the Town and Village, and whatever surge punched through must have overpowered my surge protectors … and fried both my television and my desktop.

Arrgh.  I don’t want to buy a new television.  This television has been a godsend, it’s one of the few things I was able to keep from my 2011 divorce.  I don’t need a 65″ flatscreen that could double as a drive-in double feature screen.  And as for my computer tower … do I really have to call Computer Answers and get my tower repaired?  Don’t get me wrong, Computer Answers is amazing when it comes to computer repairs … but I don’t need this kind of stress in my life.

Then I received a text message from the Town and Village of Green Island.  Due to storm damage, the Town and Village of Green Island had been operating on limited power.  Now it will shut off the power to make repairs.

Power went off at approximately 10:30 last night.

At 6:45 this morning … power returned.

And as I was preparing to disconnect my computer tower to haul it to the repair shop …

I heard a familiar whirr.

It came back to life.

Okay … one miracle … now let’s see if there’s a second miracle on the horizon.

I grabbed my television remote.

Aimed it at the television.

And in an instant, I saw Joe Scarborough on my television.

And if you see Joe Scarborough on your television at 6:45 in the morning … it means that your TV was tuned to MSNBC, and that the television is working.

Whew.  Another miracle.  Crisis averted.

Apparently what I didn’t know was that the Green Island Power Authority had received storm damage, and at some point last night was operating on limited emergency power to the neighborhood.  The power had to be shut down completely and repaired completely, and thankfully GIPA did that while we were all sleeping … and restored our power when we awoke.

God bless the Green Island Power Authority.  Not only for repairing power to the Town and Village … but also for keeping my wallet from coughing up money for a computer repair AND for a new television.

It balances things out with regard to the parking situation at Altamont. 😀