K-Chuck Radio: In honor of Kris’ birthday…

My son Kris just turned 33 today.  I will say this – there are moments when my son’s musical tastes match up with his father’s – and then there are moments where his playlist is as far away from my musical tastes as anything can be.

So in honor of Kris’ birthday today … I have crafted a special K-Chuck Radio blog post that features the music he likes.  Trust me, there are tracks I’m glad he enjoys … and there are tracks that I’m absolutely cringing on putting in this post.

So let’s start with some goodies, shall we?

The Dinghy Song

Backstory – when I wrote articles for the music collector magazine Goldmine, I had the great pleasure of interviewing saucy chanteuse Ruth Wallis.  Eventually Ruth met Kris (I think it’s the first time Kris ever met a recorded singer) and Kris immediately fell in love with Ruth’s naughty double-entendre music.

(You’ve Got To Have) Boobs

Another Ruth Wallis song, this has turned into a cabaret and burlesque staple, as performed by singer Petra Elliott as part of a show in Melbourne, Australia.  Oh, and speaking of Australia …

Western Girls

What, you think my kid wouldn’t appreciate a little Dragon in his life?  I have it on good authority that Kris has at least one Dragon CD burned somewhere in his collection.


Probably one of few songs that would have Kris crank up the car stereo and drive his daddy nuts.  Good lord that song would come on and UP GOES THE VOLUME!!

Chandu Ke Chacha

How the hell did my kid get hooked on a bilingual integrated Indian pop quartet’s bubblegum tongue-twister rap-pop song?  Something’s not right here … but then again, it’s all explained when you realize that back in the 1990’s Kris was also infatuated with the following group.

I cannot believe I’m actually adding this to a K-Chuck Radio blog.

God help me.

(holding breath)


You know why there are 15 DVD copies of the Spice Girls’ pop movie Spiceworld in existence?  Kris owns 12 of them.  He can quote from the Spiceworld movie as easily as I can quote from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Okay, I need to move back to a track we both can enjoy.

Let’s break out …

Smells Like Nirvana

True story.  After seeing a Weird Al concert at the Palace Theater years ago, Kris actually met Al and the band.  The funny part about the whole thing?  Kris spent about ten minutes discussing with Al’s drummer, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz about the merits – or lack thereof – of Avril Lavigne.  That’s my kid for sure.

So happy birthday Kris, have a great one and enjoy the next trip around the sun.

Oh wait, one more song.

One more.

And since I couldn’t really find a good quality version of this song that Kris would enjoy …

I figured a Postmodern Jukebox cover of the song would do just nicely.

Happy birthday son!