Call for Art: “Work of Art” at the Albany Institute of History and Art

I participated in this event last year, and I was glad to do so.

The Albany Institute of History and Art is asking for all artists to submit up to two entries for consideration for the 2019 “Work of Art” gallery show.  The show, which is also a fundraising event in honor of artist Willie Marlowe, celebrates and promotes one of the region’s greatest assets: its vibrant community of regional artists.

The event will be held at the Albany Institute on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, and artists whose work is accepted will receive 50% of the proceeds of any work sold at the event; the remaining 50% supports the Albany Institute of History & Art’s ongoing programs and exhibitions.

The prospectus and rules for submission and consideration can be found at this link.

Last year, I was fortunate that my metallic infrared print Infrared Horizon 787 was selected for consideration – and was eventually sold to an art enthusiast.  I’m currently trying to whittle down my possible entries from seven to the required two.

But this isn’t about my efforts to make this event.

I want you to be a part of this.

If you are an artist who lives within the Capital Region area, please consider filling out the prospectus and submitting your artworks for consideration.

Who knows?  You could make the cut.

And wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Again, the link to the prospectus for the Albany Institute of History and Art’s “Call for Art” is right here.  And I hope you consider entering.