Apparently Nelson is Mr. March …

Four years ago, my best buds Jeremy and Katie rescued Nelson, a pitbull who needed a forever home.  At first it was a struggle – but in the end, Nelson and J-Mac and Katie bonded as a family.


Or should I say Pawsome?

Last April, Nelson was entered in a contest to appear in a 2020 pet calendar.  I blogged about the contest here, and asked if people could vote for the pudgy pittie.

Apparently Nelson made the cut.

Why do I say this?

Because last night, J-Mac posted some pictures of Nelson.  And the pitbull was positioned in front of a green screen.

That usually means that something’s going in the background.

That, and Nelson’s rocking a shamrock bandana.

I presume this means Nelson is Mr. March in the upcoming calendar.
Nelson thanks you for your support. Photo taken by Mutt Shots Pet Portraits.

This is nice.  Look at that healthy doggie.  He looks as if he could be an extra in that old John Wayne movie The Quiet Man.

And besides – in a world where we have conflict and turmoil and stress and strife …

Can’t we have one nice thing where a dog could be on the front page of a calendar?

Works for me …