Damn it, Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t running for President any more …

So last night, on my way home, I stopped at one of the Popeye’s restaurants in the hopes of getting this fried chicken sandwich that has become the Cabbage Patch Kid / Beanie Baby / Tickle Me Elmo of the fast food world … and while I waited in line to order something else (apparently this Popeye’s sold out of that chicken sandwich today), I checked my phone for messages.

And it’s then that I saw this message on my Twitter feed.

Damn it.  I really had hoped it wouldn’t end like this.

Yes, I knew that with two dozen Democrats running for the nomination for President, Kirsten Gillibrand was caught in a packed candidacy and it was hard for her to break free from the pack.  She did well for herself in the two televised debates for which she qualified … but she didn’t reach the thresholds to make the newest debate.

And with that, she returns to the United States Senate and ends her Presidential campaign.

Let’s put it this way.  I’m bummed.  I really thought she would do a fantastic job in the Oval Office.  And the fact that she stood up for her beliefs … that goes without saying.

But I understand why she withdrew.  I don’t have to like it, but I understand it.

It’s about Al Franken.

For better or for worse, when credible examples of sexual impropriety and unwanted contact were lodged against the Minnesota senator, Gillibrand stood up and said that Franken needed to step away from the Senate.  This was a bold and controversial statement, and the voting populace never forgave her for it.  I think the words “kneecapped” and “blindsided” were used to describe Gillibrand’s actions against Franken.

Which is sad.  Because when Gillibrand ended her campaign, those who felt that she did Franken dirty are having a field day online.  Heck, I’m sure someone will comment on this blog about Franken and other slights that Gillibrand caused them.  Tons of Internet memes of Al Franken sipping coffee, for instance.

And I said to someone, while I waited in line for my food at Popeye’s, “There’s going to be a response from the White House in three … two … one … ”

Well, it took him an hour to find his iPhone and tweet this …

Ah, Donald Trump trolling again.

The thing is, though, Kirsten Gillibrand tried.  She ran for President, she gave it her best effort, then when she knew there was no chance to continue, she left.  And maybe some day she might run again.  We don’t know.

Of course, now I have to find some other Democratic candidate to back.

And this will be a tough choice.

And before anyone says, “Why don’t you get on the Trump Train, Chuck?”

You obviously know nothing of me.