The Albany Patroons are back, stronger than ever bay beeee!!!

I can tell you now … this will be fun.

Yesterday, the Albany Patroons held a press conference in which they announced –

  • The team now has a well-funded and stable owner, Dr. Timothy Maggs;
  • The team will return to the TBL (The Basketball League) and will feature new franchises and new competitions;
  • Opening night will be the players’ “ring ceremony” – see, we won the TBL championship last year, in case you’re late to the party …
  • Oh yeah, and there’s a new team logo.

Dr. Maggs is well-respected in the field of sports medicine and injuries, and has worked with amateur and professional athletes for the past 35 years.  He also has a long-term friendship with Patroons head coach Derrick Rowland, who will return to the sidelines and bring back the core of last year’s championship-winning squad.

As for the Patroons logo … I’m liking it.  Granted, this means I have to buy new Patroons gear – but I don’t have a problem with that.  And as for the loss of the Dutch shoe in the logo – this new logo is clean and strong and doesn’t have that kitschy “Pats” script that makes people wonder if you’re rooting for the Patroons or the New England Patriots.  And trust me, I would NEVER root for the New England Patriots.

And at the press conference – several members of the Patroons’ 2018-19 championship squad.  And you know I had to get in a selfie with them.

(L-R) Alonzo Murphy, Jerel Scott, some short dude, and Anthony Moe. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

So yeah, I’m hella excited for the Patroons’ 2020 season.

You know I’ll be there.

And I expect you all to join me.

Gold and kelly green, bay beeee….