That commercial comparing AOC to the Khmer Rouge is reprehensible

I don’t even want to link to this advertisement, it’s just straight-up reprehensible.

The advertisement, which ran during last night’s Democratic debate, began with an image of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being set on fire … and the burning embers transitioning into a photo of skeletons and murdered bodies from Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.

We then get commentary from Elizabeth Heng, who says that her family suffered through socialism, and that she is thankful that she escaped that terrifying ordeal and that she is a proud Republican today.

Um …

Let’s get a few things straight right now.

The Khmer Rouge murdered millions of people in Cambodia.  And God bless Elizabeth Heng and her family for getting away from that nightmare.  But to turn around and use the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields in an attack advertisement on AOC is just beyond the pale.

And let’s talk about Elizabeth Heng.  Who is she?  She ran for election in California’s 16th District, where she lost in both the general primary and in the election to Democratic incumbent Jim Costa.  Oh, and she’s the face of this new political action committee called New Faces GOP, which hopes to populate government with younger, like-minded conservatives to perpetuate the party of Trumpism.

I can already sense my blog comment page getting bombarded by comments about how I should dump “Sandy Cortez” and that she’s going to send us down a path of idiocy with her “Green New Deal” and whatnot.  Or using wanky nicknames for her like “O’Crazy-o Cortez” and stuff like that.

Let’s get a few things straight on that right now.

In her freshman year as an elected government official, AOC has moved mountains.  She’s earned her place on various committees, and she’s shot down hypocrisy from lobbyists and from fatcats.

And apparently she’s triggered a ton of alt-right snowflakes on her journey.  So much so, that instead of running a political advertisement against the Presidential political candidates during last night’s debate, a Republican PAC treated AOC like a target, so much so that you would think AOC had a red shirt and worked stocking shelves on Aisle 6.

And the theme of the advertisement?  Setting a photo of a Latinx woman on fire?  You don’t think that sends a signal of the normalizing of domestic violence against women?

No.  This is just a Republican operative with a political action committee showing their true colors.  Blood red and dollar green.

And the thing is … I could blame ABC for running the advertisement in the first place.

But it’s like the Fresno Grizzlies advertisement a few months ago, where the team showed a video montage of the enemies of freedom – and AOC’s face was in that montage.

Wait, isn’t Fresno in California’s 16th District?

Isn’t that the same 16th District where Elizabeth Heng was soundly defeated in the 2018 Congressional election?

Okay … NOW it all makes sense.

Trust me.  The haters and the griefers will come after AOC for years and years.  And do you know why?  Because she’ll be in office for years and years – because she will have earned that honor – because she gets shit done.

No matter how many times you set her image on fire.