Albany Patroons news, past, present and future!

So there’s a lot to share this week, even though the Patroons 2019-2020 season is still several months away from tipoff – and the ring ceremony – and the banner raising – and the ceremonial beat-down of our first opponent of the season …

Follow along.  There’s some good stuff here.

This Friday, the Albany Patroons documentary, The Minor League Mecca, has been accepted into its first festival film showing, as it will appear as part of the Adirondack Film Festival.  The film’s screening will take place at 7:30 at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls.  This is only the second public showing of The Minor League Mecca, its first showing was an unparalleled success last year at the Palace Theater.

And they even have a waycool movie poster to go with the film.  How awesome is that?

Dang.  Makes me excited for the upcoming season.

And if that’s not enough …

This Saturday, there are open tryouts for the new Patroons season.  Do you think you have what it takes to be a point guard, a small forward, a center, maybe even a swingman or a sixth man?

This Saturday, the Patroons will hold two combines at the Washington Avenue Armory, so bring your sneakers and your skills.  Several local players have made the Patroons roster over the years, you could be the next one.  All the information is in the poster below.  Head to or call 518-512-5203 to secure your spot!

Oh and now it’s time to share some Albany Patroons alumni news.

Do you remember T.J. Thompson?  First round draft pick for the Patroons in 2005, 5’10” point guard from George Washington, played with the Patroons for two seasons, then went off to France for the rest of his basketball career?  And then later formed the D.C. Blue Devils New Hampshire AAU team and became the head coach of it?

Well, last week T.J. Thompson found a new challenge – a challenge for which he is totally suited and can step into the role immediately.

Thompson has been hired by Rutgers University as their new Director of Basketball Administration.  That’s a major achievement.  A very successful step up the ladder for the mighty mite.

Oh, and Thompson’s Patroons teammate in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons, Jamario Moon?  The skywalker who returned to the Patroons in 2017-18 when the team itself returned from a decade-long hiatus?

He recently earned a championship trophy as a member of the winning team in the national BIG3 basketball league, and is currently accompanying several BIG3 players on a tour of China.  That is truly some serious smoke.

See?  There is a benefit to joining the Albany Patroons.  At some point in time, there might be an NBA or International contract in your hands.  Or a future job opportunity that would be the culmination of your basketball goals.  And a few years after that, someone might interview you about what you’ve done – and you’ll end up in a future award-winning documentary about the beloved team of gold and kelly green.

And in the end … that is worth everything.