It’s not a Mail Pouch Barn sign … but it’s a Mail Pouch ghost sign …

Yesterday I took my cameras for a little photo walk through the Adirondacks – part of it involved photographing some foliage, part of it involved preparation for my upcoming CP Holiday Train photo chase in November.

And while I was scouting out a location to photograph the train as it would make its initial stop in Fort Edward …

I made a right turn, and suddenly I saw it.

A big fat Mail Pouch Tobacco ghost sign, right on the side of an old brick building that is now repurposed as a crossfit center.

It’s been a while since I’ve captured a good old fashioned ghost sign – those vintage brickads that were painted on the sides of buildings decades ago, and in most cases have outlasted the products they once sponsored.  The Capital Region still has plenty of old ghost signs, although the buildings upon which many were painted have since fallen into disrepair and have been demolished.  That’s how we lost two Uneeda Biscuit signs, a Coca-Cola sign, and a couple of other century-old adverts – and those were the ones that were lost on Schenectady properties.

Still, it’s nice to see a vintage Mail Pouch Tobacco advert; and I had previously thought that the closest one in our area was on a Pennsylvania barn that was relocated to a hobby farm in Bagnall, Dutchess County.

Well, I was wrong.

Because look what I found in Fort Edward.

Mail Pouch Ghost Sign. BlackBerry camera phone. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

And I must tell you … this building looks pretty solid.  I’m not sure when the E. DeForest & Co. company existed, or how successful they were in their sales of picture frames and furniture, but I do know there must have been a market in Fort Edward at one time or another for plug tobacco.

It’s a good thing I saw this now – instead of when I was making my Holiday Train photo run.  Do you know how distracting this sign would be?  I’d be there photographing it with ten different cameras, and the Holiday Train might just go chuga-chuga-chuga right by me without a care.

Gotta keep my priorities straight, amirite?