Wait, the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train stops in Menands this year?

Trust me, I’ve been waiting for this information like it’s white smoke from the chimneys of St. Peter’s Basilica.  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, an illuminated, decorated locomotive that chugs through North America, announced its continental schedule.

And there’s been a change.  One that will benefit us Capital Region residents.

Normally the train makes two stops in the Capital District – in Mechanicville and in Saratoga Springs, before traveling the next day up through the Adirondacks.

This year, however, the Capital District gets THREE visits by the Train – on Tuesday, November 26 – including a new stop in Menands.

That’s right, Menands gets the Train’s first New York stop.  And it’s the first time the Train has stopped in Menands since … well … ever?

According to the CP Holiday Train website, Engine 2246 and its cargo of Christmas-festooned boxcars and country concert singers will park at railway crossing at Ganser-Smith Memorial Park on Menand Road, with an arrival at 4:15 p.m., and a free 30-minute concert from 4:15pm to 4:45 pm.  Then the train chugs off to Mechanicville for a 6:00pm concert, and finishes the night at Saratoga Springs for a 7:30pm show.

These concerts are free to the public, but you are encouraged to bring items for the local food banks and pantries, as these train trips and concerts are fundraisers for those in need.  Bring what you can – and then bring some more.  😀

And to all my photographer friends – this is a photographic opportunity like none other.  The Holiday Train is decked out with thousands of flashing LED lights – perfect for capturing images here and there.  And the New York stops will feature musician Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Band.

And maybe … just maybe … there’ll be an appearance by an old chubby bearded dude and his sack full of goodies.  And no, that old chubby bearded dude is not me – I left my sack of goodies in the car. 😀

But yeah, if you’re looking for a photo opportunity on Tuesday, November 26 – you have several chances in the Capital Region that day.

You’re not going to waste this chance, are you?

I’ll see you there.  I’ll be the old chubby bearded dude with the camera gear.  Feel free to say hi.