Who wants to buy some boobies for $200?

This is hilarious.  I understand you can purchase lots of things in the Facebook marketplace, but … seriously, folks …

My friend and blog reader Roz posted this on her Facebook page.  Apparently this came up in her Facebook Marketplace searches, lo and behold, right in the Clifton Park Garage Sale site.

That’s right, folks.  Some enterprising person is actually selling used silicone breast implants on social media.

I kid you not.

And they’re size DD.  Perfect for your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

Now granted, I’m a very broad-minded person, but still …

And the crazy thing is … this enterprising soul is selling them for $200 – or $100 if you want to buy a single implant.  You know, in case you suffered through the nickname “Hefty Lefty” all those years…

Oh lord.  So they’re size D if they’re sold separately, but size DD if they’re sold together?

Somehow I don’t think that’s how that works.  Cross my heart on that one.  At least for the next 18 hours or so.

Yeah, couldn’t resist.  Besides, it’s Frank Zappa.

But yeah, apparently the seller upgraded what was once there to something different – bigger, smaller, I have no idea.  I’m not that curious.  But hey, if you need a set of fake boobs, for whatever you have in mind, they’re right here, only $200.  Or $100 if you only need one.

I’m just … is there really a market out there for used breast implants?  What kind of market would that be?  Okay, maybe for someone who underwent a mastectomy, I can understand – yeah, these are important.  And I would never be condescending for those who need something like this.  But … wouldn’t you want to get fresh breast implants from your surgeon?  And how do you know if there are problems with these implants?  Are they saline?  Are they silicone?  Are they filled with Jell-O?

But I’m just saying this.  I needed a good laugh today – trust me, this online sale has me tittering with laughter.

Oh yeah, and one other part of this story.

Any time I can beat Kristi Gustafson Barlette in writing a “clutch the pearls” blog post like this is a big win for me.  😀

Trust me, I keep my eyes peeled for stories like this.  (*) (*)

Oh yeah, those are my eyes.  😀