Holy crap, how did I forget that I took this photo?

I experiment with different film and digital techniques.  This is how I operate.

And some years ago, I rolled some 120 AGFA Scala film onto a 620 spool, and shot eight exposures in my Kodak Medalist II camera.  I sent the film off to the only place in the world that is capable of developing negative slide film – an Iowa company named DR5 – and at some point in time, they sent the developed film back to me.

I put it on a shelf, with the intention of scanning the film and seeing how things turned out.

Then I completely forgot about the film.

Let’s now fast-forward to last Sunday.  I’ve got several things on my plate – I’m making lunch, I’m cleaning my apartment, I’m waiting for the laundromat to call me and tell me my clothes are now clean and ready for pickup – hmm, here’s a small cardboard box.  And it’s got the DR5 logo on it.

I opened the box.

Eight developed images.

And I have absolutely no freakin’ idea when I took these pictures.  Or where, for that matter.  Possibly this was at Carp Pond in Corinth, I like photographing there.  But that’s a guess.

Anyway, I scanned the film …

This was the best image of the batch.

Adirondack Scene. Kodak Medalist II camera, AGFA Scala 200 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Wow.  That’s some serious tonal quality to that Scala film, and the Medalist captured it in powerful detail.

How the hell did I miss this picture?

I mean, I haven’t used AGFA Scala in ages … I keep thinking about using it, and then I don’t bother, and then I want to use it again, and then I have to find some … and then I take the pictures, and completely forgot I did take them.  That’s one of the three signs of old age, don’tcha know … loss of memory … I forgot the second one … and loss of memory.

Okay.  This just means that I need to pay more attention to when I bring film to the developers … and when they send it back to me, I need to pay attention to when it arrives.  😀