One final adventure with Leica Green

Last Sunday, I transferred ownership of my Leica M3 (“Leica Green”) to a rising photographer for her future use.

But before I gave her the camera …

I took one or two “final photos” of Leica Green.

It’s a similar pose I used with Leica Green when I was first gifted the camera; I based the photo on this shot from way back in the day.

Leica Green.

So with this picture as a reference guide …

I drove over to the Green Island town park.  I placed Leica Green – and an old role of expired Kodachrome – on a picnic table bench.

And with my Nimslo 4-lensed camera …

I took some 3D shots of the green-hued shooter.

Here’s one of the raw pictures.

The red dot above the far right frame is a reference marker for whoever might want to make this picture into a 3D lenticular print.  Of course, that would take into presumption that I want to get a lenticular photo out of this.

Not this time.  This time I want a two-image parallel shot.

The frame at far left won’t work.  Not only is the camera strap out of frame, there’s a light leak along the frame’s right side.  So I took the middle left frame – and the far right frame – and combined them.  Again, relax your eyes and let the images blend together.

The New Adventures of Leica Green. NIMSLO camera, Kodak 400 film. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

All right.  This picture gets added to the King of the Mountain grouping, and one of my fall foliage shots gets cut.  This is how King of the Mountain works.  If I can get my best four images together for this stereoscopic project … I’ll be a happy man.

That, and it’s nice to get Leica Green on the OTHER side of the lens for a change.

Even if it’s the equivalent of a picture of a camera off on its new adventure.

That’s the fun part, isn’t it?