The wallet split

I’ve had my wallet for at least six years.  It holds my driver’s license, my medical cards, all my money, my credit cards, a ton of receipts …

Yeah, it’s a Costanza wallet.

And after about six years, my wallet was showing signs of fatigue.  Some of the seams had split.  And at one point, I had actually used blue duct tape to seal up one of the edges, lest I lose my driver’s license.

Yesterday, after watching a great movie with some awesome company, we stopped at one of the mall stores for some New Year’s Day window shopping.

And in doing so, we wandered over to the store’s belts and wallets section.  She and I went through several name brand leather wallets, and I eventually selected a wallet with plenty of pockets and solid construction.

But I just don’t want to get rid of my old wallet.  That wallet was like a wallet to me.  😀


The new wallet will hold items that I must travel with – my driver’s license, credit cards, medical cards and money.

The old wallet will hold my gift cards, my casino “players’ cards,” and other ephemera.  That wallet stays in my car, and if I need anything from it, I’ll take it then.

You know what it is, don’t you?  I have to streamline my life.  I can’t keep walking around with a wallet that’s thick enough to hold down a folded newspaper in a tornado.  This is part of what I need to do.

And doing things like this, making my life simpler, should help me in the long run.

Then again, it’s not like duct tape is that bad an option.  It is the handyman’s secret tool, right?  It’s like that famous man once said, “if the ladies don’t find you handsome … at least they should find you handy.”