A new blogging avenue for Chuck the Writer

Perhaps you remember the late, lamented blog portal Deadspin.  It was an irreverent yet massively popular blog portal, a place where sports fans and sports writers would congregate and discuss and snark and gripe and enjoy themselves.

A few months ago, the venture capitalist who purchased Deadspin and its sister media portals, issued a “stick to sports” mantra to its writers – apparently discussing politics in sports was verboten.  You know, don’t talk about Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee, talk about why Sam Darnold could be the Jets quarterback of the future.  Meh.

During that same time, the venture capitalist shut down Deadspin’s political portal Splinter, which was … well … seriously shortsighted.  And readers made their displeasure with the venture capitalist known.  The writers left.  The editors left.  Right now, what remains at Deadspin is an article about Kellen Winslow Jr.’s legal troubles, an article that was published months ago.

Some of the writers and readers branched off to other media, including forming the website DeadSplinter.  DeadSplinter – a portmanteau of the lamented Deadspin and Splinter portals, gave writers and fans an outlet to vent about how the venture capitalist destroyed Deadspin and Splinter – about as much as how Jeffrey Loria destroyed the Montreal Expos, or James Dolan currently destroys the New York Knicks – and, eventually, the portal became a repository for more writers and columnists.

Including … me.

Yes, I have joined the DeadSplinter portal as a writer.  Come on, technically my last name’s “the Writer,” anyway.  Here’s a link to some of the articles I’ve penned on that site.  Some of the articles are mirrored from my personal blog page, some others are DeadSplinter-specific.

Why in the name of all things holy am I doing this?  Don’t I have enough commitments with my personal blog as it is?

Yeah, I do.  But I also want to have other discussions.  I want to reach new readers.

Here’s the thing.  After my acrimonious escape from the Times Union’s blog portal, where I fit in about as well as a 20-sided die on a craps table, I needed time to heal.  I needed to rebuild where I was and what I wanted to achieve.

The DeadSplinter opportunity presented itself.  And I’m glad I’m part of the team.  This is awesome.

Am I going to publish an article every day on DeadSplinter, same as I do here?

No.  I’ll write when I think there’s an article that would fit the portal.

Am I doing this for pay?  Will I be receiving beaucoups of bucks from DeadSplinter?

No.  DeadSplinter has no advertising.  It’s independent. It’s a collaborative.

So … let’s collaborate.

I recently added DeadSplinter to my personal blogroll, so I hope you’ll have a chance to look the site over.  You should read the articles there – not just mine, but also other writers and opinionists.

In other words … you’re getting more Chuck Miller articles for your enjoyment.  Whether you want them or not. 😀

So let’s do this.

And let’s do this.