February 1st will be a very, very busy day for me …

This will be an interesting day, to say the least.  It will actually combine two of my favorite things – my adulation for my favorite minor league basketball team, and my expertise in useless knowledge.

And they combine on February 1st this year.  And like Kurt Busch on Memorial Day Weekend, I’m going to attempt both races.

See, this year, Trivia Bowl 16 is scheduled for February 1st, beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Skyloft in Crossgates Mall.  Yes, I’m already assembling my super-team for the event, and trust me – after last year, when I couldn’t play in Trivia Bowl due to a scheduling conflict, the Street Academy trivia team is coming in like X-Wings against the Death Star.  My team has won the championship twice – Trivia Bowls 3 and 6 – and I have a chance now to “match the set,” by claiming both the Trivia Bowl and Summer Bowl (which my team won by claiming Summer Bowl X last summer).  Only one team has ever claimed the Trivia Bowl and the Summer Bowl at once – oh yeah, that was the Street Academy, don’tcha know. 🙂

Of course, being there doesn’t automatically guarantee I’m going to win.  There are often 30 to 40 different trivia teams, and they are just as good in pressure situations.  I expect the questions to be tough but fair, and I expect a few “murder questions” to appear as well.

And once the tournament is over, win or lose, I’ve got to burn rubber – like Kurt Busch going from Indianapolis to Charlotte – and get ready for event #2.

And that is the opening night for the Albany Patroons.  Opening night, when we beat the living snot out of the expansion Tri-State Admirals of Jersey City / Patterson / Fort Lee / Hoboken / wherever they are.

And you know me.  Once I get back to the Armory, I’m in my happy place.  Courtside at minor league hoops.  You cannot go wrong with this.  You all should join me.  Discounted tickets are available for purchase at any Price Chopper / Market 32 grocery store.  Buy some tickets and come join the fun.

Now optimally, I would like to pick up two wins – one at trivia and one at the Armory – but just the fact that these events are happening, and I’m able to get to both of them without requiring the use of cloning technology – makes me happy.

And we all want to see Chuck happy, don’t we?

Yes we do. 😀