How you can help to heal Australia

If you want to see what climate change and global warming is doing in our lifetime, look no further than to the wildfires that are destroying Australia right now.

Make no mistake.  There are hundreds of fires that are destroying Australia’s forests.  The fires are slaughtering millions of native animals.  Over one-third of the koala population, as well as their main source of food, has been burned to death.

People have been forced from their homes.  Many of them are currently living on beaches, with the fires racing toward them – and their only hope is to step into the oceans in the hopes that the fires will stop before it hits water.

The smoke has turned the Australian sky orange.  Plumes of toxic air have caused breathing problems all the way to New Zealand, which is at least a 4 1/2 hour distance by airplane.  That’s how powerful these firestorms are.

Firefighters are risking their lives on a scale not seen in generations.  The Australian military has been mobilized, to a level not seen since the time of the ANZACs.

If you are able to help … if you can donate to the Australian Red Cross, or to those who can help the firefighters, or for those who can help rescue the animals … here’s a link to several different charitable organizations.  No amount is too small, every penny helps.

And if this doesn’t get your attention …

Let me also mention that several professional wrestlers come from Australia.  And they too have been mobilizing on their social media to help raise money and awareness to the dangers these fires pose.

And it’s not just wrestlers.  Musicians and actors and comedians and everybody who can, have donated their own time and funds for the cause.

And this from Terri Irwin of Australia Zoo …


Again, go to the highlighted link in this blog, and if you are able to do so, please donate whatever you can – to the firefighters, to the doctors, to whoever can help abate the worst natural disaster our generation has ever seen.

Please do this.