The Regimen of Hope

I made it through my surgery.  Barely.

From what I understand, while I was off in slumberland (thanks to a mixture of various anesthetics), my right ankle was surgically reassembled with pins and rods.  It’s splinted up and wrapped in enough Ace bandages to insulate me against anything.

But the big rule is – o weight bearing on that leg for at least four weeks.

Which means – until further notice, any plans I had for Opening Night at the Patroons, or for Trivia Bowl XVI… are scuttled.

Which absolutely sucks eggs.

But I have to listen to the doctor.  Apparently I learned that between the time I injured my foot (falling down on slippery, snowy steps on Monday) and the moment I went under the knife, I probably did more damage trying to actually navigate on that foot.  So there’s enough bolts and wires and clamps to keep me together.

The doctor was serious with me.  “If you put any weight on that leg before I say it’s okay to do so … you can develop an infection and YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LEG.”

Okay … amputation is not part of my 2020 goals.

So everything in my life right now has to be towards healing and mending, no matter how long it takes.

So my fantastic blog readers … I’m counting on you to help me out.

I need to have positive vibes.  Positive mojo.  I can’t get depressed on this.

So if you have a funny joke and you want to post it in the comments section, do so.  Or maybe a cute meme.  Keep it within the bounds of good taste (yes, D357 I’m speaking to you on this), and help me improve.

Give me some movies I can watch that could be part of my “Royale With Cheese Movie Club” – you know, films that everyone in the world has seen except me.   Maybe a Marx Brothers film or a screwball comedy, something I can find on YouTube.

I know you’ve got my back.  And I appreciate it.

Now I just need to keep moving forward.  To the point where I can actually heal properly.

This is where it all comes forward.