So it’s the Subaru Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special, right?

I have heard many stories about the procedure necessary to name a car.  You want a car’s name to be impressive and exciting.  You don’t want that name to be associated with failure or ineptitude.

which would explain car names like the Edsel.  Or the Tempo.  Or the Aztek.

At the recent Singapore Motor Show, Subaru debuted their 2020 Forester car.  It’s the Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special, a car for those who want to modify or customize their vehicle.

Kinda looks like this.

And you might have figured out … someone snuck in a little 6th grade bathroom humor in this car’s name.

Yep, there it is – in the acronym of the new Subaru vehicle.

Trust me, this is NOT the first time someone wedged in a bit of acronym-ity.  It’s not even the first time someone wedged THAT acronym into popular culture.

The Canadian rock band April Wine released this low-rent rocker, “If You See Kay” in the early 1980’s.

Oh yeah … that was about as straightforward as can be.

Not to be outdone, Britney Spears put out her own “spell it ha ha” track, “If You Seek Amy.”

Aw, jeez …

And, of course, other words have been acronymed to mean something else.  I am reminded, for example, of a professional wrestler named Rosey, who was associated with wrestler/cosplay superhero Hurricane Helms, as a “Superhero In Training.”  That’s right.  Super Hero In Training.

I mean … do these things just write themselves?

Well, if nothing else, you could take the new Subaru Forester Ultimate blah blah blah blah on a date, and maybe, just maybe, you could find yourself …

Remember kids … it’s making love.  It’s not Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special-ing.