Ladies and Gentlemen … Collarworld, the novel

I have to thank Shane Howard of the rock band Goanna for motivating me towards this project.

First off, for those who don’t read my blog on a regular basis, the Oz rock band Goanna had a major hit in 1981 with the anthem “Solid Rock,” a track about the sacred heart of the Australian continent and its usurpation by colonial invaders.  Goanna went on to have several other Australian hits, and they also affected social conscience and justice in their homeland.

I’ve been friends with the members of Goanna – Shane Howard, Marcia Howard and Rose Bygrave – on Facebook and otherwise.  And when I recently suffered an ankle injury and was laid up for a time, I asked my FB friends for any motivational messages and inspirational goals.

Shane wrote back to me. “Now is the moment for the great novel that’s been waiting in the wings.

Great novel.  Ha.  Like I could write a great novel while my leg is being held together with pins and screws and clamps and –

and –

and wait a second.

Wait one furry little second.

I’ve been writing blog posts for eleven years straight.  Certainly there’s something in these blog posts I can pull out and make suitably readable.

And I seached through the posts.  Over 4,000 blog posts.

And I found them.

From 2012 to 2018, I wrote a series of short stories about what happens to our pets after they pass on – how they wait in a mystical afterlife waystation until they are reunited with us.  The stories, written under the umbrella of “Collarworld,” were wildly popular with my readers.

In 2018, I finished the Collarworld series, in that I didn’t think I had any more stories to tell from that series.

But there was one thing I didn’t realize – not until Shane prodded me.

I’d written a full-length novel – and spread it out over fifty different blog posts in a seven-year span.

I copied all the blog posts into one computer mega-file.  I edited them.  I reconnected lost plotlines.  I eliminated characters that were not necessary or central to the plot.  And I realized – after all this – there’s a freakin’ novel here.

A few days later, after polishing and cleaning the manuscript, I entered the text into Amazon as part of a purchasable physical paperback (at $15.99) and as a Kindle e-book (at $9.99).

And … here’s the cover.

That’s right.  All the adventures.  Vincent, Paisley, Butterscotch, Bate, Cassius Marcellus, the Royal Order of Ancient Carissima Hamsters, Bismarck, Mourire, Cha-Cha, Snicker … all gathered together in one physical construct.

In other words … Chuck the Writer actually earned his surname “the Writer.”

Look, I had to do SOMETHING while I was in convalescence, right?

So why not take some advice from a fellow storyteller and make this book actually happen?

And I did.

You bet I did.