So I watched the Oscars last night …

It’s not like I had a dog in the fight this year … you know, a film that I thought deserved every Oscar it was nominated for.  That was in 2016, when Mad Max: Fury Road received a ton of nominations and walked away with six trophies.

This year … it was kind of weird.  There were at least four or five different films that I thought deserved Oscars, and most of them actually received at least one statue.  That, and most of the favorites won their categories, which was nice.

That being said … here are some stray observations from the show.

  • Tom Hanks got robbed.  Yeah, I know Brad Pitt did a great job playing a Steve McQueen clone in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but Tom Hanks brought out the best of Mr. Rogers … maybe next year Hanks will get better treatment when he does the Bob Ross biopic.  😀
  • Renee Zellweger … um … congratulations … um … on your … um … Oscar … um … but … um … in your acceptance speech … um … we need … um … to take … um … that word … um … out of your … um … vocabulary … um … or so … um …
  • With Joaquin Phoenix winning an Oscar for his role in Joker, this means that the characters of the Joker and of Don Corleone are the only two characters who have generated Oscar wins for separate actors.  And if Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger can win Oscars for playing the Crown Prince of Crime … and Jack Nicholson can only get a nomination for his portrayal … that says something.
  • Seeing 1917 win all those technical awards reminds me that last year Peter Jackson put together a stunning documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old, in which he digitally restored and recovered World War I film footage.  That should have won an Oscar for Best Documentary or something last year.
  • Seeing the kid from The Peanut Butter Falcon as a presenter – an actor with Down’s Syndrome – made me smile.  And seeing Shia LaBoeuf up there as support gave me a new perspective on Shia’s acting and personal career.
  • I was four out of five in my “In Memoriam” pool – where you name five people who will appear in the video of those who had passed.  I said Kobe Bryant, Kirk Douglas, John Singleton, Doris Day (all were there), but the video did not contain Carroll Spinney, whom I thought would get a nod in that Big Bird did appear in a few motion pictures.  I was pleased that they did remember Peter Mayhew and Terry Jones, as well as 1969 Best Supporting Actress Catherine Burns, who only did a handful of films before leaving the industry for good.
  • I must see this Best Animated Short film Hair Love.
  • With all the victories for Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho is now more popular than BTS.  And those wins for Parasite are great, but they’re just acknowledgments that Bong Joon-Ho SHOULD have won for Snowpiercer and Ojka years ago.  Do not argue with me on this.
  • When they announced that James Corden and Rebel Wilson would be presenters, I quipped that they would surely make at least one snarky comment about their appearance in the mega-flop Cats.  And they showed up in their Cats costumes and ripped on their own special effects crew from the film.  James Corden and Rebel Wilson need to host the Oscars next year.
  • I liked Laura Dern’s Oscar outfit … although I thought that it looked better when it was originally designed as the “FRAGILE” lamp in A Christmas Story.
  • American Factory wins Best Documentary – and that film came from Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company.  So the Obamas now have Grammys, an Emmy and now an Oscar, they’re 3/4 of the way towards an EGOT.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a couple of Golden Raspberry awards and a longstanding petition to have his performance in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York awarded a retroactive Oscar.  Ain’t happening, you orange goblin.
  • Parasite becomes the first Best Picture Oscar awardee that was completely scripted in a foreign language.  And somewhere in a Hollywood studio, Mel Gibson is bitching because that could have been his trophy for The Passion of the Christ. 
  • I thought John Williams had a chance to win Best Score – which would have given him SIX competitive Oscars.  I’ll just have to settle that he now has 25 Oscar nominations, which is just a few short of the record held by Walt Disney.
  • And finally … is it just me, or was Jane Fonda a true example of what doing aerobics in the 1980’s can do for you today?  Damn …

And that was last night’s Twitter / Facebook Oscar recap.  I haven’t done these in a while … I may want to do them again.  For sure.