Albany Patroons go 3-0, 136-121 over Raleigh, and I get an American Idol solid!

After six weeks of being cooped up like a quarantined patient, I finally had a chance to leave my home in the Town and Village for more than just a doctor’s appointment.  And trust me, there’s no better cure than an Albany Patroons game.

I was able to hobble into the Armory – doctor said I can put “light weight bearing” on my busted ankle, so that’s a positive right there.  I could return to my duties as commentator with partner John Longton on the Patroons’ streaming broadcast feed.

And trust me, the Patroons did not disappoint.  One of the team’s new players, Anthony Allen, had several put-back dunks off of missed shots and rim-clangers, and two other rookies – Kwintin Williams and Deon Lyle – also made solid contributions, including a couple of teamed-up alley-oops.  The final result – Albany 136, Raleigh 121.  The Patroons improve to 3-0, Raleigh falls to 0-5.

Oh, and it was Valentine’s Day.  In addition to the team handing out roses to attending couples, and several moments of “Kiss Cam” smooching on the big digital screen (wow, we’ve got a big digital screen, this is so swank), the team’s halftime entertainment was American Idol contestant and local talent Madison Vandenburg.

Now since I didn’t have a chance to bring Date Night with me – in that I would be working at the commentary table and not able to spend quality time with her – I opted for the next best thing.

Before the game started – but after Madison Vandenburg completed her sound check – I asked the American Idol finalist if she would at least help me record a video message, which I would then forward on to my girl.  She agreed, we recorded a quick message, and I texted it over.

Chuck Miller with Madison Vanderburg. Photo credit: (c) George Faz.

A few minutes later, I got a response.  Yeah, I did good on Valentine’s Day.  Well, that and the flowers I sent to her earlier in the day …

Anyways, Patroons win, Patroons win, and hopefully tonight they will go 4-0 when they face the Columbus Condors.

Oh, and tonight is Ring Night, when the Patroons give championship rings to those players who helped the team win its first basketball championship in over 30 years.  Swank.