Albany Patroons take monster victory Saturday night, and I spend some family time

Last night was a re-energizing of sorts for the Albany Patroons, as they tore apart the Lewisville (Tx.) Yellow Jackets 133-81.  The Pats had a 30-point lead at the half, and a 40-point advantage in the third quarter – so much so, in fact, that head coach Derrick Rowland was able to rest his starters and give the bench the entire fourth quarter to play.

That’s a nice advantage, if you ask me.

But here’s the cool thing for me about this game.

My son Kris joined me at the game.

Let me explain.

For long-time readers of my blog, my son Kris currently lives in Washington State with his wife and a few pets.  He’s moved up the corporate world and currently manages his own restaurant, which is an awesome achievement in and of itself.  He’s been staying with me for a few days while a family member was in the hospital, and since Saturday night was a Patroons matchup, I asked him if he wanted to come to the game.

He thought that would be a great idea.

I have to say this – everybody at the Patroons organization was so friendly and accommodating for Kris.  Someone got him a chair so he could sit next to his old man at the broadcast table, and although there were some conversations about offering him an opportunity to play one of the time-out games (i.e., shoot a basket for a prize), he instead received a complimentary Patroons souvenir gift pack.

And by the time I had set up my laptop for the night’s broadcast, Kris had already purchased an Albany Patroons hoodie.  That’s my kid.

My broadcast partner John Longton also introduced himself, and he and Kris talked about working in the restaurant business.  John told Kris that a year or so ago, John was in a viral video about what it would look like if waitstaff had press conferences.

Kris said he hadn’t seen it.

Now he can watch it.

As I said before, the Patroons just completely dismembered Lewisville.  Albany outrebounded the Yellow Jackets, they outscored them in second chance points, they outscored them in points off turnovers.  Albany shot nine three-pointers in 23 attempts (39% average), while Lewisville hit nine threes in FORTY-SEVEN tries (17% average).

Albany gets a two-game road trip through Texas next week, visiting the Yellow Jackets one more time, as well as playing the top-tier Dallas Skyline squad.  They return home for a three-game, three-night homestand beginning on March 13.

But as far as I’m concerned, there were two wins last night.  Albany beat Lewisville … and I got some father-son time at the basketball game.  😀