Thanks, Pete Buttigieg

About two weeks ago, I decided to hitch my vote for the 2020 Presidency to South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg.  I will admit, he wasn’t my first choice, but my first choice – Kirsten Gillibrand – withdrew.  I was looking for a new candidate to back, and it took Rush Limbaugh’s horrific gay-bashing and virulent homophobia for me to say, “There’s no reason to anyone to be treated like this.  No reason whatsoever.”

So I decided I would support Pete Buttigieg for President.

And now … I’m looking for another candidate.

Last night, Pete Buttigieg – despite getting a decent number of delegates in the Iowa caucuses – suspended his Presidential campaign.

Mayor Pete was not able to parlay his good standing in Iowa into further primary success.  He came in third in the Nevada polls, fourth in South Carolina … there just wasn’t enough momentum.  And some of his policies – including the public option for health coverage, rather than Medicaid for All – did not resonate with voters.

So now I’m back to trying to figure out who to vote for.  Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg, Warren, Klobuchar … there’s not much to work with here.  And before anybody suggests that I vote for Trump … if it was a choice between Trump and a toilet plunger for President, I’d vote for the toilet plunger.

I guess the only thing that will make this official will be the condescending, inevitable nasty tweet from Donald Trump about Buttigieg’s campaign.  You know it’s coming.  It’s coming like the punch in the face from an abusive parent.

And there’s Daddy’s fist.

I do hope, though, that Buttigieg continues his political work.  The dream is not denied, it is only deferred.

Thanks, Mayor Pete.  Even if you didn’t get to the White House this time, your efforts have certainly inspired others to try for the Presidency in the future.

Semper Fortis.