Donate to your food bank, get a Chuck Miller artwork! Help us get through COVID-19!!

These are the times that try our souls.  With the COVID-19 pandemic raging throughout the world, families are working from home, students are tele-learning from home, and those who live paycheck to paycheck are discovering their paycheck isn’t going as far as it once did.  They’re relying on food banks and other charitable organizations to make ends meet.

And here’s where I encourage you to help the cause.

A $50 donation to your local food bank or pantry can help feed families throughout your region.  Hot meals, staple foods, important nutrition – all are available at a food bank or pantry, and a financial donation can actually help the food bank acquire more food than if you donated food itself.

So I want to encourage you to donate.  And here’s what I will do if you donate.

As you can see from the blog photo above, I am putting up five of my award-winning Chuck Miller photos – Aerochrome Falls, The Mahari Stream, The Heavens Above The Forest Below, Romance on Gondola 23 and What the Grasshopper Saw – as incentives.  All I ask is that you donate a minimum of $50 to your local food bank, then contact me through the “Contact Chuck Miller” link on my blog with your name, mailing address and proof of donation.  Then you get your pick of photos, while they last.

All photos are matted and mounted at 11×14, and can be inserted into off-the-shelf frames at your local hobby store.  So if you want something for your home or your office (or these days, the office that is now your home), here’s your chance to give what you can and get a reward in return.

Again – give a minimum of $50 to your food bank or pantry, use the “Contact Chuck Miller” link to provide me your name, address and proof of donation, and which artwork you want.  First come, first serve.

If this is successful, I will certainly consider adding more artworks to this charitable offer.  But if you want these artworks before some other kind soul gets them … donate now and help your fellow families in crisis and in need.

Thank you in advance.

UPDATE:  The print at upper right, The Heavens Above The Forest Below, has been claimed.  The other four prints are still available!!

UPDATE: The print at center, The Mahari Stream, has been claimed.  Only three left!  All it takes is a donation of $50 or more to your local food bank and you get an artwork mailed to you!!