Thank you for helping others

This won’t be a very long blog post.  But it is an important one.

Yesterday, I offered five of my artworks to you, my wonderful blog readers, with the proviso that you could receive an artwork if you donated $50 or more to your local food bank or pantry.  Food banks and pantries are under a tremendous strain right now, as families deal with all sorts of issues during the COVID-19 crisis.

Not ten minutes after I posted yesterday’s blog post, someone claimed The Heavens Above, The Forest Below (the picture at top right).  Later in the day, someone else provided proof to earn The Mahari Stream (the picture at top center).  So this morning, I’m dropping off two packages at the post office.  So happy.

The offer is still available, though … there are still three images available for you to earn, all you need to do is give what you can to your local food bank or pantry.  Once you donate, contact me through the “contact Chuck Miller” link at the top of my blog page, send me a screenshot of your receipt (along with your name and mailing address) and which of the three pictures remaining – Romance on Gondola 23, What the Grasshopper Saw or Aerochrome Falls – you what for your own.

It’s a win-win throughout.  Let’s help others and be happy.

And I’m totally good with that.  😀